ASAP Natin ‘To: Sarah G, Inigo Pascual collab for powerful, funky, amazing rendition of BTS’s “Dynamite”

Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli and singer-songwriter and actor Iñigo Pascual teamed up on the One Big ASAP Family Celebration on October 18 for a catchy, funky, powerful rendition of Korean boy band BTS’s “Dynamite,” the group’s first single to debut on top of the US Billboard 100 singles chart.




They were backed up by sensational Kapamilya performers Jin Macapagal and Jeremy Glinoga



Aside from knowing that the song will make waves on the ASAP stage, we are also sure that when Sarah and Iñigo perform together, it’s going to be lit! They have actually done it before when they did their own rendition of the hit song “Stuck With You” originally performed by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.



As we see in this gallery. Sarah performed through a video feed in sync with a live performance of a neatly looking, dapper styled Iñigo grooving in his classy outfit, similar to Jin and Jeremy.



Sarah’s fans were amazed by her performance as she’s one of the trending topics on Twitter with the hashtag #SaragGxDynamite and with more than 40k tweets, as of this writing. Even the BTS fans, which are commonly known as “A.R.M.Y.” expressed their appreciation towards the performance of Sarah and Iñigo. For instance, @kielcandao97 on twitter said: “My army and popster heart so alive right now, we want more @ASAPOFFICIAL of sarah g 💪🥰 #SarahGxDynamite.” Another fan, @Khengel8 on twitter also said “Ito yung isang pinakahihintay ko, My popster and my army 💜 lodi talaga. At yung isa sa fav. ko na ka collab ni ate sarah inigo galing galing #SarahGxDynamite.”

Aside from Sarah and Iñigo’s stellar and powerful performance, the entire grand production number seemed fit for a ready-to-air music video.

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