GRABEEE! GRABEEE! Darren Espanto pranks Yeng!




“Pagod na pagod na ‘yong puso ko!” Yeng Constantino pleaded with Darren Espanto.


Last Sunday (June 10) was supposed to be just like any other for the singer-songwriter. They had rehearsals early in the morning, followed by the live performances for ASAP, then finally a taping before finally celebrating her handler’s birthday.


She had her camera ready and rolling for her vlog. “This weather makes me want to sleep,” she thought out loud at the start of the video. Little did Yeng know, Darren will be keeping her wide awake with her adrenaline pumping by the end of the day.


The first one came as she was walking to her dressing room. But he wasn’t finished. While Yeng was still out in the hallway, Darren ran ahead of her to the dressing room and for the next surprise attack. The wait was worth it as she practically jumped out of her skin.


He gets her two more times, but she does manage to exact her revenge! Check out the video to see how it all went down.