#REALate: ASAP TLC and it’s ‘Love Connections’

What is life without love? It makes a boy smile, a girl blush, a couple inspired and gives your loved ones a reason to live. Love is also the only thing that can link two people, whatever differences they have. It is our red string that connects two hearts and makes them beat as one, which makes it the universal answer to every life story we hear. But mainly, love is the reason why inspiring stories are made, the same reason why ASAP’s newest segment was formed.

Two different stories, one love. That is the trending theme of “ASAP TLC: The Love Connection” hosted by Erik, Angeline, Daryl and Kyla that features different stories of love, each represented by mellow songs, sung by the hosts – a beautiful instrument of love to capture everyone’s hearts.

The stories featured on ASAP TLC show how love connects two hearts in different instances, may it be of the parallel or opposite thread, as long as the hearts are the main matter of the story.

ASAP TLC shares unique and unconventional stories, love stories you would never imagine to happen, but never fail to inspire and make the #RELATE trend on everyone.

Week 1: New Beginnings

The pilot episode of ASAP TLC featured two different stories of new beginnings, one that used an unconventional way of confessing his love to a girl to start a new relationship,

and one that used a savage declaration of his love to a girl to start a new chapter on their lives.

Week 2: Friends or Lovers?

They say love begins with friendship, but lovers can’t go back to being friends once the love fades away. Well, the stories featured on TLC’s second week debunk this idea of true love and real friendship.


Week 3 – Rated SPG Love

To the lovers out there who once hid their relationships, you can definitely relate to the funny story of a couple where their secret love story almost got caught by the girl’s parents!


The other one tells a story of a fixed marriage – from not knowing or seeing the guy she’s marrying to the art of learning to love someone you just met at the end of the aisle.


Week 4 – Anniversary Stories

This week featured two stories about anniversaries. Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas’ silver anniversary, made the segment more special featuring the couple’s reel-to-real love story and renewal of vows, a beautiful celebration of their love as they look forward to more anniversaries to celebrate in the future.


The other story is a real-life example of the wedding phrase, “Til death do us part”. Aldrin celebrated his wedding anniversary with a reminder that even though his bride has already departed, their love will always be eternal.

Love is indeed the best gift we could ever give to someone, and that’s the gift ASAP TLC shares every Sunday to inspire us more to live long and to love endlessly!

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