Inspiring viral stories on ASAP Natin ‘To

Before, we could only discover inspiring stories by listening to media interviews and speeches, reading them on books or essays, or watching drama anthologies on movies and TV. But with the continuous development on technology, accessing information has been easier with a few clicks or taps on our handsets and gadgets, as well as sharing various contents that could reach millions of audiences around the globe through social media and the worldwide web.

That's why even just a simple post on social networking sites that piqued the attention of one or a few and aroused their interest would become viral and could possibly make an impact to the lives of many people. This Lenten season, let's continue creating inspirations and spreading positivity by revisiting the viral stories featured on ASAP Natin 'To.

In lieu of the graduation season, the inspiring stories of three students whose graduation anecdotes gone viral were featured.

First was the story behind the graduation picture of Tourism graduate Minerva Borca, who wrote on a placard how much she appreciates the hardwork of her Overseas Filipino Worker mom and her hope for her to finally go back home now that she's already finished with her studies.

The inspiring story of Emma Bueno came in next, the transgender woman who imparted how their school president stood for her and helped her fight for her right as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community to dress according to her preferred gender on their commencement exercises.

Lastly, was the proud singing graduating student Nicole Infante who takes pride on making her Mama proud by not only doing good at school, but also fulfilling her mom's dream for her to be a singer.

This 20-year-old Grade 10 student from Tondo, Manila didn't let his ailment hinder him from doing what he loves. Despite being inflicted with muscular dystrophy, Gerald didn't feel bad for himself yet used this as a motivation for him to share his God-given talent to the world.

In pursuit of bestowing her family a better life, Ingrid Payaket was pushed to set aside her ambition of being a renowned singer and instead pursue her career as a nurse.

Thus, as a way of somehow fulfilling her far-flung dream and, at the same time, celebrating the International Women's Month, ASAP Natin 'To made her wish come true by allowing her to sing on-stage with some of the most talented power belters in the local entertainment scene.

A simple kid from Cebu didn't expect for him to be an instant social media star just by playing his ukulele. Because of his impressive flair in strumming his instrument, a netizen took interest on recording a video of him and uploaded it on the internet, which already raked in millions of views. But apart from his talent, what makes the netizens admire Junlie more was his sunny disposition in life as reflected by his gleaming smile and enthusiasm in spite living in poverty.

We Filipinos are undeniably always up for every new challenge that would arise on social media, just like the "Oh Na Na Na" Dance Challenge. Although it has been making people abroad for a very long time, it was Dance Royalty Maja Salvador's version that caught our attentions and ensued to a national (and perhaps, even global) trend. However, she proudly revealed that the groovy, level-up steps weren't actually from her, but were actually the brainchild of her boyfriend's niece, Ali.

The popular bop didn't only enthrall the adults, but kids as well, such as Rica Alistria who amused the netizens with her exhilarating rendition.

When we were still children, our parents taught us to never talk to strangers for us to be spared from harm. However, there are instances when we find more solace and support from other people who are neither family, friends, nor relatives.

Just like Atty. Alex Castro who found the love of a father she's been yearning for from their campus' friendly taho vendor Romeo "Dingdong" Corpuz. She was still a college freshman then when their paths first crossed -- when he handed to her his jacket and umbrella upon seeing her drenched by rain. Since then, they harbored a familial relationship, with Dingdong waiting for her after her classes just to give her taho. Two years had passed before they're able to see each other again since she'd been busy in Law School, and that was when their viral photo which she captioned by recalling how he helped her get through the grueling college life.

The inspiring stories of these individuals only prove that everything would be possible as long as we have faith in our own capabilities and we surround ourselves with people who are willing to support us and accompany us to our respective journeys.