PAANDAR 2018: Trending dance challenges that made their way to ASAP

We, Filipinos, are undeniably music lovers. Not a day goes by that we do not listen to our phones’ playlist or tune in to the radio, sing along to every song that we hear, or belt out or hum the song that has been playing on our minds. 

Aside from that, we also love to dance. Some of us might have two left feet and body as hard as a rock, but we still try our best to groove to the beat for the sake of fun and to unleash whatever energy we’re trying to conceal within us.

This year, we’ve been blessed enough to have strings of songs that made us bop and even enticed us to join the dance challenges which trended online. Before we bid goodbye to 2018, here’s the rundown of the dance challenges that made it to our all-time favorite Sunday party, ASAP (now ASAP Natin ‘To.) 


A challenge that ignited on social media, this hit by the American artist Drake got the world crazy as some of those who uploaded their renditions were spotted dancing outside their running cars! 

But here in the Philippines, girls and girls-at-heart probably went gaga when talented heartthrobs James Reid, Sam Concepcion, and Iñigo Pascual showed their swag as they danced to it onstage. That was the performance we’ll ever want, we’ll ever need, and we’re down for them always.


From being the presenters of the hits of the past and the best of the modern music on the local music channel MYX, VJs Robi Domingo, Donny Pangilinan, Turs Daza, and AI Dela Cruz found themselves on the ASAP stage dancing to the bop that probably made it to one of their countdowns and was created by French DJ duo Ofenbauch and American singer Nick Waterhouse. 


Kim Chiu, Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Enchong Dee, and Arjo Atayde gave us an uber cute performance as they showed us their adorable version of the viral dance challenge inspired by Daddy Yankee’s “Dura”.


It was indeed an out-of-this-world number as this generation’s top loveteams JoshLia (Joshua and Julia), McLisse (McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson), MayWard (Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber), and ElNella (Elmo Magalona and Janella Salvador), together with Maris Racal and Kim Chiu, danced to El Chombo’s “Dame Tu Cosita”.



It's not only the Westerners who invaded the local music, but the Hallyu wave as well as the hottest Kapamilya teen stars and young tandems got our hearts go "Bboom Bboom" with their super kyeopta performance of this hit popularized by Momoland.



Loisa Andalio, Vivoree Esclito, Maris Racal, Maymay Entrata, Kisses Delavin, Heaven Peralejo, and Elisse Joson would really pass as the Filipino counterpart of the Korean Pop all-girl group Momoland as they nailed their "Baam"-bastic take on the popular current bop.



Kapamilya dance idols Kim, Loisa, Ronie Alonte, Joshua, Maris, McCoy, and Ylona Garcia joined the bandwagon as they danced to DJ Kass' "Scooby Doo Papa".



In lieu of the holiday season, ASAP put a touch of Christmas to their remix of this "lit" bop, to which Kapamilya stars and their equally-talented loved-ones danced to.



Hashtag members McCoy and Vitto Marquez joined forces with ASAP dance idols Maja, Iñigo, Enchong, and Kim in setting the stage ablaze through their rendition of DJ Snake's "Taki Taki".



In this roster of international music, we're so proud that a local artist would end the year explosively with her LSS-worthy hit inspired by her adorable nephew, Seve. 

Our very own AG from the East, also known as the bubbly yet fierce Alex Gonzaga, unleashed her inner pop diva as she demonstrated her on-fleek performance of "Chambe".

Which of these dance challenges appealed to you the most this year?