ASAP LSS: 5 Inspiring Stories of Hope and Triumph

Easter is a story of hope, when Christ rises again after dying on the cross. It teaches us that, with persistence, faith, and love, we can overcome adversity. This is the valuable lesson exemplified in every touching story featured on ASAP LSS (Love Songs and Stories). And today, as we celebrate and reflect upon the triumph of Easter Sunday, let us look back on 5 of the most memorable, inspiring tales on ASAP LSS.

1. Vin-Zl reminds everyone to never give up on their dreams.

Janella Salvador and Jenine Desiderio sing Celine Dion’s chart-topping hit “Because You Loved Me” as a tribute to supermom Vin-Zl Vicente. Vin-Zl became a mother at a very young age, but she did not let it deter her from accomplishing her goal of graduating from college. Despite the tremendous responsibilities she faced as a mom, she continued to study hard, oftentimes even bringing her daughter with her to school. Her story shows us that although we get sidetracked in life, we can still make our dreams a reality as long as we don’t give up.


2. Mang Virgilio’s inspiring journey teaches us the value of family.

Mang Virgilio Culibao was working as a corn farmer in Isabela when he was offered a job for a construction project in Taguig. Unfortunately, his last assignment in Cavite was ending soon. So, rather than getting stuck in the city without work, Mang Virgilio decided to go home to his family by walking from Manila all the way to Isabela with only a “kariton” which serves as his bed at night. After 6 days of walking, Mang Virgilio reached Solano, Nueva Vizcaya where the Region II Riders Federation took notice of him and generously drove him to his hometown where his wife was tearfully waiting for his return. He then received an even greater blessing after his story went viral on social media. Someone, who was touched by his story, offered Mang Virgilio a long-term job as a caretaker for a farm.


3. Honest Baguio taxi driver illustrates that being trustworthy has its rewards.

Reggie Cabutotan’s only prayer is for him to be able to put his four children through college, a dream he tries to achieve by driving a taxi for 24 straight hours every other day in the City of Baguio. His faith and hard work paid off after he returned a very important luggage left behind by a foreign passenger inside his cab. The rider was very grateful for Reggie’s honesty and offered him a job in an Australian company once he is finished with the scholarship program granted to him. Better yet, his four children were all offered scholarships as well. Thankful for all the blessings coming his way, Reggie happily reminds everyone to keep on believing in yourselves and in God, and to never ever give up.


4. Lolo Pops spreads happiness with his sweet smile.

Father and son Inigo and Piolo Pascual sing the iconic Charlie Chaplin song “Smile” for Angelito “Lolo Pops” Genuino, a lollipop vendor who always has a smile for everyone. Lolo Pops tried different jobs before, from selling junk to peddling vinegar, soy sauce, and fish sauce, until he found his passion in selling candied lollipops which took him around Manila and Quezon City. At his age, Lolo Pops had to double his hard work and diligence after his beloved wife suffered a stroke. Despite the hardships, he remains ever cheerful, winning over loyal patrons who would often tell him that they do not buy his lollipops, instead they pay to see his sweet smile.


5. Supermom Eloisa Baluya shows that a mother’s love is boundless.

Jolina Magdangal and Daniel Padilla sing Eraserheads’ classic hit “With a Smile” to honor a tireless single mother, Eloisa Baluya. Eloisa supports her five children by working as a pedicab driver. Although she is a woman, she survives in a man’s job because of her boundless love for her children. Rain or shine, Eloisa goes out to work just to make sure that her children can go to school and always has food to eat.