Her MAJAsty: Adoring the dance royalty for 15 years on ASAP


While Maja Salvador is widely known as a remarkable, award-winning actress, she is also renowned and admired as a breathtaking onstage performer, particularly in the world of dance where she is considered royalty.


In her 15 years in the limelight, Maja never failed to leave us in awe with her head-turning, impressive dance numbers on ASAP. From the time she wowed us as a member of Ultimate Dance 4 (UD4) opposite John Prats, Rayver Cruz, and Shaina Magdayao to her MASH routines with Shaina, we knew that we would not get enough of her dancing prowess.


But what made us breathless was her impeccable solo presence as ASAP’s Ultimate Dancefloor Princess, Dance Majesty, or Dance Royalty, with her jaw-dropping, electrifying, and fierce dance moves.


Here are some of her dazzling, memorable moments on the ASAP stage.



Maja truly proves she is the ASAP “Kween” of dance in this luscious, riveting performance celebrating Christina Aguilera’s music.




This shows her versatility and unquestionable sexiness that lit up the ASAP stage.




And, who else could perform the Trumpets dance as scorching and imposing as Maja.




Spreading the good vibrations is what Maja’s fierce and feisty number brings




Viral dance moves such as the Horns dance challenge become even classier with the Dance Royalty taking over.




Yet another jaw-dropping, awesome performance scorches the ASAP stage as Maja delivers a mesmerizing song-and-dance routine.




What’s really impressive about Maja is that she electrifies the crowd with her scintillating moves just like this fierce number.




She could even handle the ball well onstage with her sports-themed dance routine.




Dazzling and marvelous, Maja always amaze viewers when she rules the ASAP dancefloor with such intricate moves.




Clad in black, Maja again proves she is the dancefloor majesty with another marvelous performance.




And, what could be as hot as Maja doing the belly dance? Nothing compares to ASAP’s dance royalty.




She is always so hypnotic in her onstage appeal, as she typifies grace and fierceness all in one.




And, her dominating stage presence is really a feast on the eyes as the Majasty always proves who rule the ASAP stage.


As we continue to marvel at this astounding talent both onscreen and onstage, Maja is truly the one royal performer we always look forward to seeing each Sunday for the past 15 years. She even gets hotter and more sizzling as we await her make those moves like no other.