Trend-setting pranks, dance challenges and other good time acts in iWant ASAP

In case you didn’t know, iWant ASAP is spreading a lot of good vibes online. Not just because of the splendid performances the iWant ASAP stars give on stage, but also because of the trendsetting pranks, dance challenges and other goodtime acts that they do on the show!  

Here are some of them:

The Greeting-Shock Prank

One unique prank that might be ideal to do every Valentine’s Day is this “greeting-shock prank” by Robi Domingo, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber. They pulled off this prank on fellow Kapamilya stars. However, like the rate of probability in other pranks, not all of their victims gave the expected reactions as how the pranksters imagined it should be. Some Kapamilya stars wasn’t even a bit scared.


Donny Pangilinan’s Maybe the Night Dance Challenge

Want to give your crush a super ‘kilig’ moment? Boys, you might want to try imitating Donny Pangilinan’s dance number. His performance for the song “Maybe The Night” by Ben & Ben has truly made all the girls in the room swooning over Donny.  His dance included exciting parts where he gives some fresh roses toward a couple of ladies in the audiences.

Robi and Donny’s ‘Bato-Bato Pak!’ Game with other Kapamilya stars

If you and your friend/s are getting bored while waiting for something, you might want to try playing this fun game. To spread out some fun backstage, Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan challenged the other Kapamilya stars to do the ‘Bato-bato Pak!’ Game. Eventually, Maymay Entrata also roamed around to try this game with other stars. A bit altered with the usual ‘Bato-Bato’ Pik’ game, this game ends up having the loser being hit by a toy hammer.

Robi and Donny’s Fight Prank

For you to test how much your friends love you, try pulling off a fight prank with another friend in the same circle. Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan tried other celebrities on the show and realized how much Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are concerned about them, as the tandem got victimized in the middle of Robi and Donny’s fight prank.

Edward Barber’s Surprise Dance Performance for Maymay Entrata

Challenging all the other proposals out there, Edward Barber’s surprise dance performance for Maymay Entrata might just be the proposal you need for your beloved partner to say yes. Interpreting his love team Maymay’s own single “Kakayanin Kaya”, Edward gave everyone some ‘kilig’ overdose as he arranged a surprise moment with dudes Robi Domingo and Donny Pangilinan.

Catch more of the pranks, dance challenges and other goodtime acts, along with more awesome performances from the famous Kapamilya stars in iWant ASAP! You can stream for the said show weekly on iWant, every Sunday at 11:30am.