ASAP Valentine Hugot Playlist for the Heartbroken

We bet you can already taste the sweetness in the air! It Valentine’s Day and couples are unapologetically displaying their affection. A gentle reminder, however, to be mindful of others because this holiday can bring pain as much as it brings joy.

You were betrayed by the person you trusted most. The timing was not right. It was not meant to be. Whatever reason there is for your relationship not working out, keep in mind that there is a happy ending waiting for you too. You just have to soldier through the pain now. To help you along, we created a playlist with some of ASAP’s best performances.

“Malaya” by Moira dela Torre and Anne Curtis


When you care about someone, you will do anything to make them happy, even if that means setting them free. “Malaya” knows exactly how much it hurts to say goodbye. But there is a bit of hope that love would still come back.

“Isusuko na ang sandata. Aatras na sa laban. ‘Di dahil naduduwag kundi dahil mahal kita.”

“A Little Bit” / “Let Me Be the One” / “Jealous” by ASAP Jambayan


“What might have been, what could have been, if I have been there.”

Anyone can relate to this medley by ASAP Jambayan. At the beginning you are both a little bit crazy over each other. But somewhere down the road, you are left with only wishes that you were the one. In the end, all you can do is be jealous that they already moved on.   

“’Di Lang Ikaw” by Sarah Geronimo and Jason Dy


“Lumalamig ang pagsinta. Sana’y malaman mong ‘di ko sinasadya.”

Sometimes you just do not see the signs until they hit you. And that is when break ups can be hard for both parties. “Di Lang Ikaw” perfectly understands that it is possible to also fall out of love.

“Paano Na Kaya” / “Nanghihinayang” by ASAP Soul Sessionistas

“Hindi na sana iniwan pa.”


ASAP Soul Sessionistas can recognize regret. As much as you are hoping for a second chance, know that you will have to work twice as hard to earn that person’s trust.

“Bakit Pa Ba” by Jay R and Charice


“’Di napansin na walang katulad ang alay ng pag-ibig mo sa akin.”

One of the biggest mistakes you could make is taking love for granted. If you happen to have commit this,

“Bakit Pa Ba” can be your new best friend. The lyrics of this song has a lot to say. 

“Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” by Himig Handog 2016 Interpreters


“Sino ang iibigin ko? Ikaw ba na pangarap ko o siya bang kumakatok sa puso ko.”

They say the heart wants what it wants. On the other hand, others would argue that you can learn to love.

“Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako” has the same dilemma. Whoever you choose, hope that it is the one that makes you happy.