Misconceptions About Zoomers Girls

In today's world, misconceptions can spread like wildfire, especially in an era where snap judgments and social media influence perceptions. The talented female stars of “Zoomers Season 2” know this all too well. Beyond their on-screen personas, they face persistent misinterpretations that often overshadow their true selves.

It's time to set things straight! In the video, the “Zoomkada’ girls reveal the biggest misconceptions about them, as well as the truths they want everyone to know. 

First up, we have Criza. One misbelief that has stuck with her is that she easily gives up on people. “Akala nila ‘pag may mali kang ginawa o ayaw kitang ginawa, I’m going to leave and drop you just like that. But I’m not that type of friend. Kasi, when I love you, I love you a hundred percent.” She further explained, “I really try to understand and give every person I love the benefit of the doubt.” But of course, at the end of the day, she will protect her inner peace.

Because of how she presents herself, Kei Kurosawa is often mistaken for an extrovert. But the truth is, she’s really an introvert. “Lagi lang akong nasa bahay at sobrang mahiyain ako. Every time I have to talk to a new person, kailangan ko lagimag-practice.” And that also means she’s shy around her crush. So, next time you see Kei, know that she’s more comfortable at home and might be practicing her social skills before stepping out.

With her modelesque appeal in pictures, people assume that Zabel Lamberth is tall in person. But she admitted, “Pero ‘pag nakita nila ako in person, ‘Ay, maliit ka lang pala.’” She laughs when people say that to her because in real life, she’s only 5’3. She doesn’t take it negatively; she actually finds it funny and wants people to know that it’s okay to be short. “I love that about myself. It makes me unique,” she expressed.

Erika Davis often gets judged by her resting b**** face, leading people to think she’s ‘mataray’ or snobby. But that’s not really the case. The truth is, she’s sweet and approachable once you get to know her. 

With her conyo talk, Krystl Ball is often tagged as ‘pa-sosyal’ or trying to be posh, but she wants people to know she’s game to try anything. She’s not picky and can even eat in carinderias (local eateries). So don’t let her way of speaking fool you; Krystl is down-to-earth and ready for any adventure. 

Nonchalant is the first impression most people get from Hadiyah Santos. But once you get to know her, you’ll see that she’s very ‘kalog’ and ‘makulit.’ She’s got a vibrant personality that shines through when she’s comfortable.

Zoomkada, stay curious and don’t let first impressions fool you!