Misconceptions About Zoomers Boys

Ever felt like people just don’t get you? You’re not alone. Misconceptions run wild in this age, where people are more prone to judge quickly and define you in unintended ways, especially given the influence of social media.

The Gen Z stars of the hit series “Zoomers Season 2” know this struggle all too well. In this video, the boys of “Zoomkada” share what people get wrong about them and what they wish everyone knew instead.

First up, we have Harvey Bautista, whom people often read as “masungit” or grumpy, but that’s only because he’s shy, especially in big social settings. Harvey wishes everyone could see he’s actually a super nice guy. He’s just quiet, but once he gets comfortable, he’s an open book. So next time you see Harvey, give him a break; he’s just a bit shy, not snobby!

Then there's Zach Castañeda, who often comes off as intimidating, which he chalks up with his star sign. “I’m a Scorpio, so I have that aura of a don’t-talk-to-me kind of face,” he explains. Usually, this happens when he’s tired from work, and people mistake his blank expression for being prickly. But now he’s learned to smile more, even on bad days, so he doesn’t bring down others’ energy. Props to you, Zach, for being considerate of others mood!

Luis Vera Perez faces the same issue. People think he’s a snob, but in reality, he’s super adaptable and chill. Get to know him, and you’ll find a laid-back guy who’s great to hang out with. So don’t judge a book by its cover!

Argel Saycon is often misinterpreted as a “chick boy” or ladies’ man because of his appeal. But he swears that’s not true. The real Angel is a hopeless romantic and incredibly loyal. Ladies, take note – this guy is all about genuine love and commitment.

Ralph de Leon is another misunderstood soul. People think he’s boring because he’s too quiet. But once he lets his guard down, he becomes an interesting and engaging person. Ralph is proof that you should never judge someone just by their initial silence.

Lastly, there’s Luke Alford. Many think he’s “mayabang” or arrogant, but Luke likes to believe he’s sweet and playful. Spend a little time with him, and you’ll see he’s just a fun-loving guy.

So, next time you these gentlemen in public, remember what they shared in this video! Misconceptions can be tough, but getting to know the real person is always worth it.