Zephanie Dimaranan unveils latest single, new quarantine hobbies and life as a fur parent

When Zephanie Dimaranan bagged the Idol Philippines title in 2019, the tight schedule that comes with stardom has taken her time with family. She, therefore, spends the quarantine period making it up to and bonding with them, though she misses performing on stage and in different places.

Even with a new single and a back-to-back feat on Spotify, the rising star is not resting on her laurels. She uses the stay-at-home phase not to relax but to improve her musicality. Zephanie received a guitar as a birthday gift from fans, thus inspiring her to explore her songwriting and guitar playing skills. And based on other’s feedback and how she gauges herself, Zephanie believes she’s improved a lot. We’d definitely love to watch her sing while strumming the guitar!

Zephanie also releases her creativity by painting. Her first art on a canvass is a painting of her favorite pet dog, Louie. The visual appeared candid and authentic it doesn’t look like drawn by a newbie at all. The multitalented artist has always wanted to try painting. She even took it up as a subject in regular school.  Now that she’s falling more in love with the medium, Zephanie bought new materials to gear up for her next creative sessions.

“Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi”

At 17 and even with minuscule experience in love, Zephanie has the ability to coat a song with authentic emotions, even if it’s about serious relationship heartbreaks. Her newest single “Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi” pierces through the heart. It’s about the pain of second-guessing and of dying to know the answers.

The song’s intricate message can be relatable to friends and families as well. It is undoubtedly painful, and that’s exactly what Zephanie would like her listeners to feel. “Gusto ko masaktan din sila… na kahit wala pa silang ganoong experience sa buhay nila, masabi nila na nasaktan sila at nakaka-relate din sila,” she says. Zephanie knows her fans deserve the best, thus the need to deliver genuine emotions in this potential anthem of all ‘sawi.’

But why do people tend to keep silent than speak their thoughts? For Zephanie, there’s a crucial line between wanting to open up and the fear of hurting others, perhaps the latter holds more power. Sometimes people are scared to regret what they’re supposed to say, thus waiting for the perfect time to reveal their feelings.

The young songstress relates the song to a similar scenario with her high school barkada.  Misunderstandings happen and Zephanie would try to read her friends’ minds, likewise scared to ask questions and confront the truth. She eventually learned to accept that such conflict is a normal part of every friendship.

On top of that, she believes there are things that are better left unsaid, like insulting words that leave the heart wounded. “May nagsabi po sa akin isang beses na pabigat daw ako. ‘Yun po siguro ‘yung mga time na mabilis ka maapektuhan tapos naiiyak ako. Tinatanggap mo sa sarili mo tapos magiging worse ‘yung feeling mo pero na-overcome ko naman po,” she narrates.

Pet Parenting

Certified dog lover and an advocate of animal rescue, Zephanie highlights that pet parenting entails responsibility and genuine love. After all, these pawed creatures have rights and feelings, too.

Zephanie, parenting a total of 12 dogs at home, has a heart for sheltered animals. “Kahit ‘yung mga AsPin, ina-adopt namin sila or si Papa nagre-rescue siya ng dogs, ‘yung mga talagang may problema like sa skin. Inaalagaan namin tapos minsan pinapa-adopt namin o dinadala sa center,” shares the first Idol Philippines winner.

Her mother is friends with fellow dog lovers, therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that Zephanie loved dogs since she was a kid. The Kapamilya singer introduces her seven dogs playing in the living room at that time (the others are outside or upstairs).

She begins with the adorable Shi Tzu Bruno, who made the rounds on Zephanie’s past video clips of her Idol Philippines journey.  She’s got Nuggets, a poodle with a fluffy noodle-like hair. Three cutesy Beagles charm us, too! Zephanie introduces the 1-year-old Boo and the 7-year-old Buttercup – both adopted. The latter is seen sleeping in a corner while Boo seems camera-shy.

The first Beagle in the family is Louie, Zephanie’s favorite! Louie is currently suffering from an infected tear gland commonly called a cherry eye but that doesn’t make him less playful. He still loves to pull on his hooman’s clothing and act clingy.   

Zephanie is not into training her dogs with tricks but she teaches them obedience. She advises those who would like to become fur parents to think twice before taking on that responsibility. “Dapat may love po talaga kasi naiintindihan nila ‘yan. Dapat responsible ka and love mo siya gawin. Hindi lang dahil nakita mo sa iba pero gusto mo talaga alagaan kasi family members din sila,” she adds. And if possible, Zephanie convinces pet lovers to adopt rather than shop.

To wrap up the interview, Zephanie sings a few lines of “Bawat Daan,” from the hit Kapamilya series The Killer Bride. The young singer proudly shares that the OST’s two versions – her solo and a duet with Ebe Dancel – both hit one million streams on Spotify.

Plus, the Idol Philippines champion treats her fans to a sample of her latest single “Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi.”