Zephanie and Ken share their thoughts on the different sides of love, talk about their new singles

Nothing will stop young artists Zephanie Dimaranan and Ken San Jose from keeping their talents, and the fun, burning. Apart from their new singles, they have discovered new hobbies and ‘babies’ to love as well. In this episode of Kapamilya Chat, Zephanie and Ken dive deeper into the lessons they learned from the past months dealing with the pandemic and how they managed to still come up with new songs.

Ken knows everyone is struggling with the “new normal.” He has his fair share of challenges as well but he’s grateful that he is with his mother throughout the quarantine. To make most of the extra time, Ken decided to get his own puppy. He takes fur parenting seriously. He watches clips about dogs, does his research, and asks tips from friends.

While coping with the “new normal” is quite difficult, Ken opts to focus on the good things. Having food on the table, a shelter, and continuous work are more than enough to keep him grateful. He misses the old times yet he knows each day has its own lessons.  

He now has a better understanding of what is truly essential. He underscored that the company of friends and family is more valuable than money and material things. He told young people to keep in mind that they are never alone in their struggles.

This year also brought him a lot of firsts. And the biggest plot twist of his 2020 is getting inked without his mom knowing. Of course, she got mad when she found out. Ken got a sudden thirst for the arts this year and he is thrilled to explore this field.

 Zephanie is likewise a loving fur mom to her dogs left in their family home. She’s now in the city and is back at work. While working during the “new normal” entails a lot of adjustment, Zephanie seems to get used to the swab tests, facemasks, social distancing, and all protocols. She does not want to consider 2020 as the worst year ever. It might not be the best and it might have not turned out the way we expected but this year nonetheless brought her lessons and blessings. More than anything, she thanks the Man above for keeping her and her family protected from any sickness.

Zephanie owned up to being paranoid at times. She’s always anxious about a lot of things. This pandemic taught her to just relax and focus on the beautiful possibilities instead of letting the negativities consume you. Be hopeful at all times. Enjoy the present. 

The biggest plot twist of her 2020 would have to be a major project that she can’t divulge yet. So, this means Zephanie lovers have something big to look forward to before the year ends.

"Pasensya Na”

After the success of her last single “Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi,” Zephanie dishes out another serving of bittersweet ‘hugot’ as she turns unspoken feelings into a soulful song titled “Pasensya Na.” This one goes for the hopeless romantics who fell in love with their best friend but chose not to confess to save the friendship. If you would rather run away from your feelings than take risks and be upfront about it, here’s the perfect anthem for you.

It’s no surprise that the young songstress delivers the lyrics with so much feels. She could relate to the dilemma of choosing between being honest about her emotions or keeping them bottled up. The brave girl, then-struck by puppy love, took the risk But the feeling wasn’t mutual. Although she felt uncomfortable after the confession, the friendship fortunately remained solid. She stopped crushing on him as time went by, anyway.

“Pasensya Na” is also about feeling ‘sorry’ for not being honest to that one friend you love. Zephanie said she would like to bring listeners into a place of reverie – of dreaming about the what-ifs, of pondering about confessions and possible answers. Not that she wants to tear the listeners’ hearts but “Pasensya Na” will bring all the ‘saksak-puso’ feels. 


Dubbed as social media’s teen Hip-Hop sensation, Ken treats fans to a new feel-good song that will keep listeners ecstatic. One thing that will set his single “Halma” from other dance hits is the story it tells.

According to Ken, “Halma” is an anagram of “mahal.” As a Filipino-American quite struggling with speaking in Tagalog, he finds it difficult to express his feelings especially to a girl. “Halma” is a Tagalog-English song about a guy trying to tell a girl what he truly feels.

He knows communication is important in keeping a relationship but sometimes the heart is enough to do all the talking. He added that communication isn’t just all about the language. It also means listening to and understanding each other.

Singing in Tagalog wasn’t as hard as he thought. He just had to polish his pronunciation. Ken choreographed the music video for “Halma” which is now one of the most copied dance videos on TikTok. He added that it was challenging to conceptualize and work on a big project amid the pandemic that’s why he’s happy about the positive feedback. They started planning by the start of the year and, thankfully, everything went well despite a few roadblocks.

He believes the track was released just in God’s perfect time because of the fun and energy it will give the listeners. Unlike his previous singles that catered to the international market, “Halma” is written specifically for his Pinoy fans. 

Ken wants to level up his career. He also wants to take a path in singing apart from being a dancer. This new single marks that transition, thus infusing Tagalog in the song. Whatever it may be, as long as it will make him grow as an artist, Ken will always be up for the challenge!