Zaijian Jaranilla reacts to praises, gives sneak peek of his endearing performance in “Boyette: Not A Girl Yet”

If you loved Zaijian Jaranilla in all his previous portrayals as a child star, you’ll adore him even more as he takes on the titular role in the hilarious yet heartwarming coming of age movie “Boyette: Not a Girl Yet.” 

The 19-year-old actor said he had apprehensions at first, scared to disappoint the viewers and not to break free from the orphan boy image he carried since childhood. But surprisingly, Boyette fits him perfectly. He delivered just the right blend of all the elements that make up Boyette’s character – fresh and fun personality, natural mannerisms, and all the adventures that come with the life of a gay freshman.

In this edition of Kapamilya Chat, Zaijian mentioned that Boyette was supposed to be an adaptation of the late Comedy King Dolphy’s iconic role, Pacifica Falayfay, but only more modern to charm the Gen-Zs.

Zaijian was up for the challenge because he wants to explore his artistry. And through the help of his co-stars and director Jumbo Albano, he managed to navigate the role and deliver an authentic performance. He and Direk Jumbo just get each other without hassle.

It was easier to fill the scenes with the most natural and light-hearted comedy, thanks to the genuine ‘barkada’ vibes that radiate from real to reel. His comic chops is a revelation in this film. But he thinks drama remains his niche, saying it’s easier to make people cry than laugh.  On his first time working with Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual, he shared that the former love team shined individually in the movie.

“Boyette: Not a Girl Yet.”  was filmed during the pandemic. Of course, there are pros and cons, but according to Zaijian, it was easier to act on a set with limited audiences. The stay-at-home phase wasn’t much of a challenge to him, a natural introvert who gets happy with just playing video games in his room. He even used the extra time to venture into live streaming.

Zaijian stressed that self-discipline is needed to survive in these trying times. We may not have control over the circumstances but we can control ourselves, and that’s always a good start in beating the pandemic.

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