Kapamilya Snaps: Your fave stars share realizations during pandemic

It has already been more than a year since the COVID-19 pandemic terribly affected our lives. Thousands of Filipinos were stricken and even lost their lives, and at the same, many have lost their source of income due to the community quarantine implemented throughout the Philippines.

While this has been burdensome for many of us, being locked up in our homes and seeing the hardships of our frontliners, underprivileged kababayans, and those suffering from COVID-19, as well as not being able to be with our families and other loved ones, have definitely made us realize a lot of things about life.

Just like our favorite Kapamilya stars included in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who imparted their realizations amidst this seemingly endless situation through their previous interviews.


Dimples Romana

Despite the pandemic, Dimples has remained busy with her showbiz commitments. Thus, she’s simply thankful for the quality time she gets to spend with her family and being able to celebrate their family’s special occasions, such as her son Alonzo’s birthday last February.


Vivoree Esclito

Staying in our homes for a long time have compelled many of us to do general cleaning and were able to unearth mementos and objects that we’ve long forgotten. Just like Vivoree who discovered the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of her personal spaces, upon realizing that it actually reflects how she is as a person.


Grae Fernandez

He may have spent most of the community quarantine in the lock-in tapings of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, but Grae was still able to discover and watch a number of movies and television shows that made him more appreciative of the arts. He kept himself entertained by consuming art, which allowed him to see how important it is to be passionate in one’s craft.


Kira Balinger

Being in the showbiz for several years now could be exhausting for artists, like Kira. As she’s used to set aside her feelings most of the time, this pandemic made the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin actress understand how this attitude negatively affects her emotional health, thus she has been working on her inner healing.


Andrea Brillantes

Since many people on social media have been busy working out during quarantine, Andrea admitted feeling pressured to lose weight. However, the Huwag Kang Mangamba star realized that she only needs to focus on herself instead of other people’s achievements and started to learn to love herself even more and do what makes her happy.


Joj and Jai Agpangan

As both of them had been used in keeping themselves as busy possible, the pandemic has indeed changed the daily routine of Joj and Jai. And the current situation we’re in has taught them to be more content even with small steps and be more patient and relaxed when it comes to handling their day-to-day activities.


Tony Labrusca

Being a celebrity, Tony has been used to living a fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle. But now, the Bagong Umaga actor already knows that what truly matters to him the most are the little things, so he’s focusing more on the simple stuff in life that bring him happiness.


Arci Muñoz

Going through her Instagram posts, we could say that the Walang Hanggang Paalam star has always lived her life to the fullest. But this pandemic showed her how short life actually is, so she now learns to set her priorities and constantly work on her goals.


Maris Racal

While others have developed new hobbies, Maris was able to complete short courses in school that made her realize that she is capable of managing her time and, hopefully, accomplishing her other plans in life. Indeed, Maris just proves that it’s possible to make time for our other dreams.


Maricel Soriano

Instead of getting discouraged during these trying times, Maricel stressed that it’s important for us to not give up and continue to have faith since this is just another challenge that we need to overcome. The Diamond Star reminded us to remain hopeful that everything will eventually get better.

A lot of things are still uncertain these days, but one thing is definitely for sure – better and brighter days are ahead of us, we just have to believe. How about you, Kapamilya? What are your learnings during this pandemic?