Yamyam Gucong reveals his firsts and lasts, answers fan questions

We can always rely on Yamyam Gucong to give us much-needed good vibes. In this edition of Kapamilya Confessions, the funny man combines humor and sentimentality in answering questions from the netizens.

First, he took on the First and Last Challenge. Yamyam flexed his comedic muscles in his first sitcom, Home Sweetie Home, where he played the pawnshop owner Bogs. He misses the cast especially the funny Gonzaga sisters, Toni and Alex.

His first idols are Regine Velasquez and Coco Martin. The nose is the first thing he notices in a person. He has a lot of embarrassing moments which mostly happened inside the Pinoy Big Brother house with his soul brother, Fumiya Sankai.

He last said ‘I love you’ the night before this interview. He last cried during the press conference for “Hoy! Love You” when asked to recall his journey to showbiz. His last Instagram post is a behind-the-scene snapshot with “Hoy! Love You” co-stars while the last message he sent was for Fumiya.

Just as how cultural barrier did not hinder Yamyam and Fumiya’s friendship, distance can never wane their closeness. They keep each other updated while Fumiya is in Japan. They never run out of things to talk about. Yamyam said he always reminds Fumiya to take care and he often asks him about his clothing business.

Wherever he goes, Yamyam carries with him the humility sharpened by Big Brother’s tasks. He never forgets Kuya’s advice to face the outside world with more perseverance. And watching the new housemates in the current season, he is reminded of his old self. He misses Big Brother, so he hopes to make a guest appearance with his batchmates.

There was a time when he thought life in the province is still better but he realized that the city offers him rare, bigger opportunities. He now learned to embrace his new life under the limelight.

Yamyam continues to inspire many by juggling showbiz and studies and opening a bakeshop in Bohol. For him, prayer is a potent weapon in keeping a positive attitude. He always prays for strength that he may also spread happiness. He said prayer, apart from a healthy lifestyle, is also his secret to keeping himself ‘pogi.’

Although missing his family back home, Yamyam knows a little sacrifice will yield a brighter future. He is currently seen in the iWant TFC series “Hoy! Love You” headlined by Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo who happen to be his favorite Star Circle Quest contenders back in 2004. He felt pressure at first but he eventually got comfortable working with his idols.

The lock-in taping in Batangas was both challenging and fun. During their day off, the cast members would take advantage of the location for some beach adventure. 

In time for Valentine’s season, the happily in love Yamyam advised singles to take it slow and gauge their readiness before entering a relationship. Those who miss watching his vlogs may have to wait a little longer because he’s still trying to hire of a video editor.

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