Kapamilya Confessions: Yamyam grateful for bakery business, continued showbiz work during quarantine

Pinoy Big Brother Otso Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong appeared on Kapamilya Confessions and gamely participated in fun challenges and responded to fan questions.

In the First and Last Challenge. Yamyam was first asked about his first sitcom series project and he said it was Home Sweetie Home, where he got to work with sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Miles Ocampo, and even with his co-alumnus in PBB Fumiya Sankai, to name a few. Yamyam then shared that his first idols were Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Primetime King Coco Martin. Meanwhile, Yamyam shared that his first embarrassing moments happened during his stay inside the PBB house.

Meanwhile, his last Instagram post was about the filming of the newest iWant originals “Hoy, Love You,” in which he is part of the cast. The last time that he cried was during the press conference of the series, sharing life experiences. He also declared that the last time he said ‘I Love You’ was just the night before the online show and the last thing in his thoughts was his car. Lastly, the last message that he sent was a ‘take care’ message to Fumiya amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yamyam was asked if he and his best friend Fumiya still get to see each other and bond despite the quarantine. Yamyam said that they always try to catch up on social media. He added that they would usually talk about their plans about their future. When asked to choose between his old self or his current self, he answered his current self because he feels grateful to have been blessed with more projects and work.

Speaking of projects, Yamyam is set to bring good vibes and laughter in the digital series “Hoy, Love You!” He shared he was proud to work with the film’s lead stars Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo. Although he faced a certain amount of pressure, he said he was  more amazed with Joross and Roxanne’s humility. Yamyam also shared that he didn’t get to celebrate Christmas and New Year with his family because he had to work during those days. He also admitted that it’s been a challenge for him to juggle his business, studies, and showbiz work all at the same time.

When asked about his adventures in “Hoy, Love You,” Yamyam shared that they would bond during their days off. For instance, they would always enjoy going to the beach. However, they still adjust to the new normal setup and the most challenging part is having swab tests every now and then.

When asked about his greatest achievement in 2020, Yamyam said that it was his bakeshop business. Questioned if he has a girlfriend, Yamyam said yes. About when he’s going to upload his next vlog, Yamyam said that he is actually looking for a video editor to work on his vlogs.

We all know that Yamyam is a very bubbly person that’s why one netizen asked him how he manages to keep a positive disposition despite the struggles in life. And he answered that it’s through his strong relationship with the Lord.

Yamyam then shared that he can sacrifice his longing for his family just to work hard and provide for them. Speaking of hardships, Yamyam shared that most unforgettable advice that Big Brother told him which was to never give up in the battle of life. Yamyam remembered Big Brother telling him that if he could surpass all the challenges inside the PBB house, he could also face all the challenges of the outside world. Lastly, Yamyam was asked what his tips are in staying ‘pogi’ and he answered that practicing a healthy lifestyle and having a strong relationship with the Lord can really help.

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