Would You Rather Challenge with RK Bagatsing

As an actor, RK Bagatsing gets to live different lives through his various television and movie roles. So, based on his many experiences on and off set, what would he rather do or have in life? What powers does he wants to have? What qualities does look for in a woman? Find out all that in this Would You Rather Challenge!

The Kapamilya actor prefers being super early over being slightly late. He believes it is always better to be prompt. If he was ever late for something, he would rather not show up. “Nakakahiya naman,” he jokingly explained.

Surprisingly, he chooses having an unlimited supply of food over having unlimited chances to travel internationally. RK is used to dieting, especially when he has to shoot a shirtless or sexy scene. So, when he has a chance to eat whatever he wants, he really takes advantage of the freedom.

When asked if he would rather lose his keys or phone, he chose neither. Apparently, it is very common for him to lose both and has already found a high tech solution. Somehow RK discovered a keychain that can connect to his phone. If he loses his keychain, all he has to do is press a button on his phone and the missing item would make a sound. This also works the other way around. “Naghahanapan silang dalawa,” he said.

Between having no money or having no pictures, he opted for no pictures. “Para wala nang ebidensya,” he said with a laugh. Of course, he wants to be with someone who is beautiful on the inside rather than someone who is only beautiful outside. Despite being famous now, he would rather be anonymous than be a celebrity. “Para walang expectations,” he added.

Check out this video to find out what else RK Bagatsing chose! And why not play along with the Kapamilya actor?