Will Zach Castañeda make Vivoree Esclito smile in the Compliment Battle?

Will Zach Castañeda make the super competitive Vivoree Esclito smile in this challenge?

Kapamilya Chat asked Vivoree and Zach to play the Compliment Battle wherein they had to make the other player smile through flattery to gain a point.

Vivoree went first, giving Zach the ultimate compliment of all: “Zach, ang pogi mo!” She also had good things to say about his curly hair. For Zach’s turn, he told Vivoree, “I think I said this before but I think I like your lips.” Even his effort to look wacky had zero effect on Vivoree. The latter fired away, “I like your jawline.” Zach finally laughed.

Zach was close to giving up by the second round. “How do I make you laugh?” he thought. Then, he found a technique – copying Vivoree’s previous compliment about his "curly brains."

Check out Vivoree and Zach’s fun Compliment Battle in the video!