A10 Atin Lang: Zach Castaneda

Ever wondered what makes "Zoomers Season 2" star Zach Castañeda tick? Well, buckle up because we’ve got some fun and surprising facts about the Gen Z actor! Check out this edition of “Atin A10 Lang”!

He might be playing the creepy and dangerous Direk Martin in “Zoomers,” but in real life, he’s the type you'd want to hang out with, albeit your hangout sesh should be early. Why? Because Zach is an early bird, usually up by 5 am! He's not much of a night owl unless work demands it. If there's no taping, he hits the sack by 9:30 pm to avoid any dreaded breakouts.

Secretly, Zach is more of an introvert. “I used to go out most of the time, but that was mostly peer pressure in a way. In reality, I just want to stay home and be with my dogs and my loved ones,” he shares.

Fitness and sports are also big in his life. He’s into basketball, boxing, football, and even MMA. With such a dynamic range of interests and talents, it’s no wonder Zach is capturing hearts on and off the screen.

Before making waves in "Zoomers," he started his career as a model and theater actor, and was discovered in showbiz via commercial. The RISE artist has appeared in several barkada shows like “He’s Into Her,” “Tara, G”, “Teen Clash,” and of course, “Zoomers.”

See more of this multi-talented star in “Zoomers Season 2,” with the trending loveteam of Harvey Bautista and Criza, plus more rising Gen Z artists including Luke Alford, Ralph de Leon, Krystal Ball, Luis Vera Perez, Kei Kurosawa, Hadiyah Santos, Erika Davis, and Zabel Lamberth. “Zoomers Season 2” airs weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.