WATCH: Precious career advice from Kapamilya film, teleserye characters for the lady boss!

In these trying times, the level of stress hardworking ladies get from their jobs can really worsen. Even if you’re not physically in the office and you’re just working at home, you can still feel even more exhausted. Maybe you already reached that point where you’re losing your passion for your job. Let us make you gain that motivation again through some career advice from Kapamilya movie and teleserye characters in this episode of Stellar

They might be able to help you overcome your career woes! Who knows? Maybe you’re just a few steps closer to becoming the lady boss!

Anna Manalastas (Xyriel Manabat) of 100 Days To Heaven

If you are aiming to get your dream job or if you are pursuing to get that promotion, be a girl scout - prepared and confident! Preparation is indeed always the key. But it won’t be enough as you should also be confident as well because it’s when you believe first in yourself that others will also believe in you.

Teresa Dichavez (Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo) of Starla

Dream and explore! She said that we live in a big world where endless opportunities exist, so make sure you explore them.

Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) of “It Takes a Man and a Woman”

Know your worth and prove it. You need to show that you are capable enough to do something. You must also show that you are credible so they can give you their trust. Getting their attention and appearing irresistible can also go a long way! And above all, show them that you are trustworthy!

Angie Mariano-Valeriano (Judy Ann Santos) of “Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo”

Be practical! Practice going to greater lengths and sacrificing something when you have a goal. In the case of Angie and Jed (Ryan Agoncilo) in the film, they already had to provide for their own family. So they both had to compromise. Even though they both wanted to spend quality time with their kids, Angie chose to have more time with her job so she can earn more for their family.

Sophia Delgado (Jodi Sta. Maria) of 100 Days To Heaven

Set your goal and make it happen. Don’t be content with where you are especially if it’s really not where your heart desires you to be in. Moreover, don’t let others’ opinions of you dictate what you are capable of doing. If you have big dreams for yourself, go reach and work for it!

Catch more of these helpful pointers in advancing your career as a lady boss in this episode of Stellar!