Kapamilya Spotlight: KathNiel marks 9 years together with kilig moments sharing dream wedding

It’s been eight years since their fascinating and widely followed love story began. As such, it is quite understandable and logical for many, especially their die-hard fans, to ask a valid and expected question.

When can we expect wedding bells for KathNiel?

We all were not surprised, yet certainly delighted, when the couple confirmed their relationship of “more than five years” in a press conference for their monster box office hit “The Hows of Us” in 2018. But even before that admission, there were telltale signs of that strong and affectionate bond between the two throughout the span of those number of years as a top showbiz pair. 

You can feel it with the way they look at each other, how they hold their hands, and how they enjoyed those intimate moments in teleseryes, TV guestings, and movies.

In an interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda in 2016, Daniel joked about marrying Kathryn in a hypothetical “end-of-the-world” scenario. This elicited screams and shrieks from fans.

On Magandang Buhay the following year, the show put together a mock wedding of the two wherein they actually exchanged vows! Yet, even if it was all “make-believe” at that time, viewers know how real their affections were towards each other.

Kathryn and Daniel had been very much open in discussing a future married life together in various interviews. On Tonight With Boy Abunda in 2017, they would endearingly discuss Kathryn’s Instagram post calling Daniel “Mister Ko.”

Just this April, Kathryn and Daniel appeared in a virtual interview on Magandang Buhay, and they revealed they were looking forward to tying the knot in a beach wedding. They said they would choose it because the sea makes them feel happy and relaxed.

When that happens, they said they would want to be surrounded by people who had been part of their journey as a couple.

After confirming their relationship in 2018, Kathryn however said on Tonight With Boy Abunda that Daniel initially wanted a church wedding. Daniel also told the King of Talk in a separate interview on the same show that they are carefully preparing for that Big Day in their lives, and emphasized he wanted to settle down by the age of 30. Asked how many children he wants, Daniel answered, “the more the merrier…pero two or three, I’m happy.”

In another appearance on Magandang Buhay, they reiterated discussing settling down as well, and even talked about possible baby names. But in the end, they said they still have no baby names in mind until they see their precious kid first.

With these electrifying, kilig revelations, we are definitely looking forward to seeing them actually walking down the aisle with the celebrant pronouncing to the congregation that they are “husband and wife.” But for now, we can relish the thought of fantasizing that they are married, when they refer to each other as “Mister Ko” and “Misis Ko.”

As we have seen them in their remarkable careers as individual artists and as a pair, we are all definitely excited to see them open the next chapter in their lives together.