WATCH: Kapamilya celebrity single moms who excel in motherhood, showbiz

Being a mom is said to be the toughest job in the world as it requires you to be available for your family 24/7 with little or almost no break time at all. Thus, it’s absolutely amazing how our moms, especially the working ones, are able to juggle taking good care of us and providing our needs with their careers and other things they want or have to do.

However, it’s totally a different story if you’re a single mom as you to have to do everything by yourself, from assuring that your child or children are well up to giving them a comfortable and bright future. And in this episode of Stellar’s 24/7 MOMS dubbed “Single Mom Superstar,” let’s find out how our Kapamilya celebrity single moms are not only acing their roles onscreen, but motherhood most importantly through their respective interviews in Magandang Buhay.

As she chose to leave the spotlight and devote herself in taking care of her growing family, Sunshine Cruz inevitably felt afraid when she ended her marriage with her ex-husband because she admitted not being financially-ready to raise their three kids – Angelina, Samantha, and Chesca – singlehandedly. Just when she and other people thought that she wouldn’t make it, ABS-CBN gave her a slew of opportunities poured into her that helped her stand again and move forward.

Also a single mom like her, her Love Thy Woman co-star Ruffa Gutierrez, on the other hand, had to sacrifice a lot in order to give her two daughters Lorin and Venice a brighter future. She confessed having to cut off a lot of shopping and international travels to save up for their continuously increasing tuition fees.

For sure, many of us are amazed with how Jodi Sta. Maria is still able to pursue her personal endeavours despite already having to juggle her life as an actress and a mom to her unico hijo Thirdy. As she considers being a mother as her most important role, the Ang Iyo Ay Akin star still didn’t forget that she’s still individual who has her own aspirations that she wants to achieve, without losing time with her son.

She might have lost a partner in raising her daughter Ceana, but Vina Morales has been so grateful to her family and friends who got her back and never made her feel alone through the ups and downs of life. For her, it’s really important to have a strong support group for it to be easier for single moms like her to go through everything.

Even though she’s the mom, Aiko Melendez admitted that there were times that she’s the one who apologizes to her kids Andrei and Marthena whenever she committed a mistake towards them. The Wildflower actress knows how to swallow her pride and be the first one to reach out to them.

Just like every parent, Cristine Reyes also aspires to be treated by her adorable daughter Amarah not simply as her mom, but as her best friend as she grows up. Thus, the Tubig At Langis lead star makes sure to not only spend quality time with her everyday, but to retain their open communication as well.

Meanwhile, Teresa Loyzaga, Cherry Pie Picache, and Hasna Cabral all agreed how important it is for single moms like them to be always kind, loving, and compassionate regardless of all the negativities and hardships they have to endure, not just for themselves, but to their beloved kids most importantly.

Aren’t these Kapamilya single moms worthy to be dubbed Super Moms?