KChat Vivoree & Zach on online love

Gen Z stars Vivoree Esclito and Zach Castañeda believe that finding love online is possible, albeit challenging. Check out their musings about online romance in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Vivoree and Zach lend their voices to the third episode of Dear MOR: Celebrity Specials under Made For YouTube programs and from MOR Entertainment. They star in the “Click Tayo” episode, which revolves around the real-life story of a young couple who met through TikTok.

It might appear like a typical teen 'kilig' story but “Click Tayo” will also deep-dive into the pros and cons of online romance. Vivoree said social media can be deceiving, thus the need to be cautious when talking to strangers. “Kasi hindi mo kilala ‘yung tao, in the first place, nang personal. So, talagang you have to be very careful with the person. You have to be smart enough to get to know that person in a way that you don’t give much away unless pinagkakatiwalaan mo ‘yung tao,” explained Vivoree.

Zach seconded, “Ngayon, it’s so hard to find someone trusted online, eh. if you think about it, it’s so easy to cheat yourself with the technology now, grabe, you can change your face into someone else’s.”

Vivoree added, “Ang daming pwedeng baguhin sa sarili mo, itsura mo. You can lie about where you came from.”

She further reminded youngsters to listen to their instinct. Despite the risks, she remains positive about meeting new friends through the internet. Just maintain the connection through occasional meet-ups to get to know the other person more outside the screen. But, you have to be careful with meet-ups as well.

For them, one advantage of social media is it keeps you connected with family and loved ones, especially during the pandemic. Just keep the communication consistent, according to Vivoree.  Although gadgets provide communication means, Zach still maintained the need for face-to-face interaction.

More of these will be tackled in the story of Cheska and Jerome in “Click Tayo.” Vivoree and Zach mentioned the script would resonate with listeners, especially the Gen Zs and millennials.

On their experience as voice actors in a radio drama, they said it was fun but challenging. Zach found a technique in coating his voice with the required emotions by looking at Vivoree while recording. That way, he got to feel their characters’ story. He had to put effort in improving his Tagalog skills too. Meanwhile, Vivoree dreamed of becoming a voice actress, thus happy to finally make it a reality via Dear MOR Celebrity Specials.

Asked which part of their life stories they’d like to be made into a radio drama, Vivoree and Zach thought about the years that will help people get to know them more – their childhood.