VALENTINE’S DAY 2021: Let these 25 celebrities tell you what love is

We can easily say we’re in love or know if someone else loves us. But, if we are asked what love really is, we struggle to find the right words to say. Yet, we may find insight in what love truly is, with what our Kapamilya stars have to say in this Valentine’s exclusive.

According to Pinoy Big Brother Otso alumna Kiara Takahashi, love is our core. It’s also universal and it’s the most magical thing that could happen in your life. Meanwhile, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Joseph Marco said that it’s the act of taking good care of people without asking for anything in return. “Love is unconditional,” he added.

“Hoy, Love You!” stars Roxanne Guinoo and Joross Gamboa also shared their own respective definitions of love. For Roxanne, when people turn their backs on you, loving yourself and God will still make you strong and whole. Joross, on the other hand, said love conquers all, yet something we usually take for granted.

ASAP Natin ‘To performer KZ Tandingan shared that love for her is selfless although it’s not completely selfless. “You can’t give love from an empty cup. In order for you to give love, you should love and take care of yourself first,” she explained. Idol Philippines grand winner Zephanie Dimaranan said it’s understanding and learning from each other and growing together.  The Voice Teens artist Jeremy Glinoga agreed with Zephanie, while further saying that love is accepting people for who they are and putting other people’s needs before yours.

For her part, young actress Karina Bautista said that you will learn, grow, and mature from love. She added that it will make you cry but at the same time will give you experiences and an unforgettable story. Meanwhile for Karina’s onscreen partner Aljon Mendoza, love is respect and you get it from everyone, from family, friends, and special someone. “It’s the best feeling,” he added.

Young actor Nash Aguas said that love is all about acceptance, while for Francis Magundayao, it’s about giving someone your time and going out of your way just to show your endearing efforts. Keann Johnson and Adrian Lindayag also shared their own meaning of love. Adrian said that it’s sacrificing yourself for other people. And for Keann, love comes in different forms - for instance, love for work is being passionate with it; love for family is always helping them in any situation; love for friends is being supportive.

PBB Otso Ultimate Big Winner Yamyam Gucong declared that love is God. Veteran actress Rita Avila then shared that love is everything and that it’s composed of all the opposites. “It’s a deep word that is learned throughout lifetime,” she added. Kira Balinger said that love is accepting someone for everything who or she is, while Walang Hanggang Paalam actress Arci Munoz shared that love for her is really making sacrifices.

Singer Juris said that love is unconditional and forgiving, similar to the kind of love God bequeaths to all of us. Goin Bulilit alumnus Bugoy Cariño shared that being in love with a person means being a dependable friend, too. He related it to his relationship with volleyball star girlfriend EJ Laure, whom he also considers as his best friend. He added that you should not forget to love yourself first and foremost.

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid admitted that it’s hard to define love, but for her, love is God.

“Hello, Stranger: The Movie” stars JC Alcantara, Markus Paterson, Gillian Vicencio and Migs Almendras all gave their own definitions of love. Gillian and Migs were one in saying that love is something you can’t live without. Gillian added that love is for everyone and that you just can’t stop anyone from loving other people. Migs also added that love is for someone who’s willing and ready to get hurt. JC and Markus both were also in unison to stress that love is about giving time and effort to your special someone.

How do you define love? We may have our own ideas, but I’m sure you’ll all agree and identify with what these Kapamilya celebrities have to say about that crazy little thing in this Valentine’s exclusive video.