VALENTINE’S DAY 2021: Kapamilya stars share the craziest things they did for love

Many will agree that when we are in love, we do certainly do the craziest things possible. Even our favorite Kapamilya artists are no exception. Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, let’s take a look at some of the zaniest, silliest, most foolish things these stars have done in the name of love in this montage of exclusive interviews.

Walang Hanggang Paalam star Arci Muñoz revealed that she’s done so many crazy things for love. She shared with us the maddest thing that she did for the love of her current idols—the Kpop group BTS. It happened during the group’s “Love Yourself” tour in Korea. It was Arci’s first time to visit Korea and watch the group perform live. At a pop up store selling limited edition BTS merchandise in the concert venue, Arci lined up as early as 5 a.m. braving the cold weather just to get into the establishment, which opens at 10 a.m.  She also had the logo of BTS’s album tattooed on her wrist. Arci shared in delight how BTS gave her joy in one of the lowest times of her life. She added that she didn’t expect she would have huge appreciation for a Kpop group.

Meanwhile, Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin actress Rita Avila shared that the craziest thing she has done for love is buying her loved ones like her husband and her daughter their favorite things when she gets into petty quarrels or misunderstandings with them. For fellow Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Joseph Marco, it’s all about being able to sacrifice for your loved ones.

Clarifying that it happened a long time ago, Roxanne Guinoo said that she experienced getting very drunk because of love. On the other hand, Joross Gamboa meanwhile said he got into a fight over a special someone.

For his part, Pinoy Big Brother Otso Big Winner Yamyam Gucong said that he once begged a girl to love him. Meanwhile, ex PBB Otso housemate Kiara Takahashi admitted that she once didn’t listen to her parents when she was in love. But later on, she realized that their opinion really matter. Music artists Jeremy Glinoga and Zephanie Dimaranan both said that it’s their willingness to do anything for love, which they consider crazy—things you don’t expect yourself to do.

KZ Tandingan, meanwhile, said that getting married was the “craziest” thing she has done for love. Young actor Adrian Lindayag shared that he missed a flight to Manila just to go to the person that he loves. Keann Johnson imparted that he experienced driving all the way to the province of her girlfriend just to surprise her with flowers.

On the other hand, the rising love team of Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza also shared their craziest moments when they are in love. Karina admitted that she may not be clingy and sweet to her loved ones, but she would spoil them with material things. She also said dedicating too much time and effort to her partner was something inexplicable for her. Aljon, meanwhile, revealed that he once gave the world to his special someone before and even left his friends for her.

Nash Aguas said that for love, he was “insanely” willing to do anything for that significant other to the point of prioritizing the person over work. Fellow former child star Francis Magundayao said doing anything for a loved one must be in the right context, stressing that there should be a balance between matters of the heart and mind.

ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay Regine Velasquez-Alcasid said that the willingness to sacrifice for your loved ones can be considered “crazy.” But the Asia’s Songbird emphasized that you should choose the right people whom you really love. Acclaimed singer Juris also revealed her craziest act for love and it was during the birthday of her then boyfriend and now husband. Juris was out of the country during that time and because she wanted to make his birthday extra special, she wrote a letter every day for him and the collection of those letters was her birthday present for him.

Bugoy Cariño revealed that he would do anything just to see her partner and make her happy, make time and do efforts for her even though he’s busy.

Rising young stars Gillian Vicencio, JC Alcantara, and Migs Almendras also had their fair share of the zaniest acts in the name of love. Gillian shared that it was when she fought for that special someone even though her family was against their relationship. But she later on realized that it’s really her family that matters above all. Migs then shared that he would take pictures of his ex-girlfriend without her knowing, and when they already broke up, he gave those pictures to her. Lastly, JC admitted that he experienced living with his ex-girlfriend in the same house.

Do you have your own unexplainable acts in the name of love? Whatever it is, you’ll surely enjoy watching these stars sharing their own in this Valentine’s exclusive.