Update your pick-up line collection with Vivoree Esclito and Zach Castañeda

If you’re thinking of chatting up your crush, let Vivoree and Zach’s pick-up lines help you break the ice!

Kapamilya Chat asked Vivoree Esclito and Zach Castañeda to play the “Say the Hugot Line Challenge” wherein they’d think of a random object or word that the other player will turn into a cheesy or ‘hugot’ line.

Zach challenged Vivoree to be creative with the word ‘kotse.’ She thought, “Kotse ka ba? Kasi ang sarap mo titigan.” If your crush acts puzzled, maybe you can explain what the pick-up line means, as Vivoree did.

She also turned ‘lapis’ into: “Sana naging lapis na lang ako. Para mabasa mo ‘yung mga sinusulat ko sa’yo kung gaano kita kamahal.” Our favorite was when she played with the word ‘t-shirt’: “Sana t-shirt na lang ako para kahit saan nakadikit ako sa’yo.”

Zach’s answers revealed how witty and romantic he is. When given the word ‘bahay,’ he said, “Bahay ka ba? Because I want to live with you for the rest of my life.” He also turned the word mirror into this smooth pick-up line: “Sana mirror ako, so you’d look at me every morning.”

Check out more ‘hugot’ and cheesy lines from Vivoree and Zach in the video!