Types of Girlfriends According to Kapamilya Shows

Are you more like Kathryn Bernardo from Pangako Sa ‘Yo or more like Liza Soberano from Make It With You? According to Stellar’s REELate All About Love feature, there are nine types of girlfriends. Which one can you relate to most?

The Selosa

We have all made that signature sulky expression that could only mean jealousy. But if you want to know what a true “selosa” looks like, Yna (Bernardo) from Pangako Sa ‘Yo is the cutest example. She was obviously upset at Gelo (Daniel Padilla) and Ligaya’s (Sue Ramirez) closeness. But when he confronted her, Yna was in complete denial.

The Clingy

Being clingy is normal, but Rachel (Barbie Imperial) from Wansapanataym: Gelli in a Bottle took it to a whole new level. Despite suffering serious injuries from an accident, she still had enough strength to keep Robin (Ronnie Alonte) by her side, literally.

The Ate-Tude Girl

While we often hear stories of betrayal, there are still some truly sweet and kind men out there like Jessie (Elmo Magalona) from Wansapanataym: Christmas Witch. Unfortunately, there are also women out there like Irene (Janella Salvador) who has standards that must be as high as skyscrapers. 

The Marupok

If there is such as thing as love at first sight, then could there also be marriage at first? In La Luna Sangre, when Collin (Edward Barber) sent a text to Apple (Maymay Entrata) that read “nice meeting you”, she acted like this was a proposal. And when they spoke on the phone about meeting up, she must have been imagining herself walking down the aisle.

The “Strict ang Parents ko”

Meeting the parents is one hurdle that every couple has to face. But as scary as this may seem, it is much worse for those with strict parents. In Yamyam Gucong’s Maalaala Mo Kaya episode “Bukid”, Elaine’s (Karen Reyes) father was quick to tell the young couple to break up. Keep in mind, this was only during the initial introductions.

The Super-Care

When you really like someone, you can’t help but deeply care about them. Luckily, this can lead to intense kilig moments like what happened between Mich (Imperial) and Adrian (JM de Guzman) on Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi.

The Control Freak

Some say that when you are in a relationship, your personal interests become your partner’s interests too. Whether it is their daily schedule or future goals, it is normal to be there for each other. Although, looking at Aira (Janella Salvador) and Jason (Joshua Garcia) on MMK “Tren,” is it still sweet when you are acting more like a parent than a girlfriend?

The Todo-Bigay Babe

Girlfriends make for the best cheerleaders. If you are feeling down, they know how to lift up your spirits in a heartbeat. Or at least they will try, just like what Gelli (Loisa Andalio) did for Robin (Ronnie Alonte) on Wansapanataym: Gelli in a Bottle.

The Fall na Fall

Finding the one can feel like winning the lottery. But when you are as head over heels as Billy (Soberano) from Make It With You because “the one” is someone perfect like Gabo (Enrique Gil), then it must be even better than winning the lottery.