Truth Or Dare with Ivana Alawi

Newest Kapamilya star Ivana Alawi is of a Filipino-Moroccan decent, blessed with a captivating pair of eyes planted on a charming doll face. As if that isn’t already close to perfection, the 23-year-old online sensation was bestowed with sexy curves which she often flaunts on photos and her vlog content. 

Men call her their ‘wildest fantasy’ while females admit that she causes relationship rift at times. With millions of eyes marvelling at her irresistible and sultry youthfulness, would you believe that Ivana is loveless at the moment, at least in the context of a romantic relationship with a guy? But instead of sulking in a corner, the wise Ivana maneuvers her singlehood into a potential hit single titled “Sana All”, an upbeat song celebrating her fellow single ladies out there.

As fun and flirty as her debut single, Ivana makes things light as she takes on a challenge called “Pong Mo ‘Yan”. A missed shot of a pingpong ball corresponds to a ’Dare’, otherwise, a ‘Truth’ question. As game-opener, Ivana loses on the first round and is tasked to say “I love you” to the last person she dialled on the phone, her Personal Assistant.

Dared to reveal the 27th and 36th photos on her camera roll, Ivana jokingly warns everyone for a shocking content. The Ang Lihim ni Ligaya star bares a snapshot taken while she’s studying and an image captured in her house in Bahrain, respectively.

She downplayed her pingpong skills at first but it turns out that Ivana is a sharp shooter, giving her more chances to answer exciting questions truthfully. The sexy actress imagines herself living a simple life as a housewife and mother to her six children, if she didn’t make it to showbiz. She seems fascinated with the loud and happy chaos of large families.

Ivana is vocal about her admiration for King of Philippine Television Coco Martin. She finds Coco’s dedication and passion for work truly irresistible. “Ang gwapo niya magtrabaho,” she gushes over the FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano lead actor.  

Want to turn her on? Be humble and family-oriented. When asked if Manila Mayor Isko Moreno would pass as ‘jowa’ or ‘tropa’, Ivana lays a simple rule. Committed and married men would automatically just land on her list of friends. She’s not the type to give a guy false hopes or break someone’s heart. “Ako nga ‘yung laging iniiwan, eh,” she reveals.

She may be single at the moment but the gorgeous Ivana would not in any way feel bitter over happy couples around her. Instead, she’d simply sing and dance to the tune of “Sana All”.