PAANDAR 2020: Trending death-defying stunts in teleseryes that left us in awe

All of us were definitely looking for some thrilling events while we were cooped up in our homes for most of the year. Thankfully, we had Kapamilya teleseryes filled with exciting action and striking fight scenes that had our adrenaline pumping overtime.

Still on the hunt for that rush? This Paandar 2020 compilation of our favorite teleseryes’ most death-defying stunts might just be what you need.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is, without a doubt, a part of this list. But with all the stunts they pull, you may be thinking, what else could they do to surprise us? Well, Renato’s (John Arcilla) all-out manhunt for Cardo (Coco Martin) was a turn of events we did not anticipate. With Cardo alone against twenty or so gunned men, it was a gripping scene to see how Cardo tumbled around, ran through the yard, and managed to get through them all.

In The Killer Bride, who else was stunned with amazement and fear as Camila (Maja Salvador) did a car chase while riding a motorcycle? We surely were on edge during the whole scene because Camila had to pull off some crazy stunts to avoid the gunshots fired by Luciano (Cris Villanueva).

If that wasn’t enough, Pamilya Ko also had an insane car chase. Chico (JM De Guzman) sped through traffic and gunshots in the effort to stop and crash his assailant onto the pavement. The risk of it all, however, may have not been worth it as it got Chico into a major accident.

Sandugo, from the very first episode, already got us dropping our jaws in the intense raiding scene led by JC (Ejay Falcon). He eventually came face-to-face with the criminal gang’s leader, Aris (Aljur Abrenica), and engaged in a suspenseful fight involving fists, knives, and guns long before they found out that the two of them are brothers by blood.

A Soldier’s Heart didn’t fall short as well in giving more dangerous yet exhilarating stunts. As Saal (Sid Lucero) and his comrades were cornered by the military, a bomb was detonated, giving us one of the biggest explosions among the teleseryes this year.

That may have shocked us in our seats but, of course, the stunts that really keep our eyes glued to the screen are good old fistfights. In Walang Hanggang Paalam, Emman (Paulo Avelino) and Dexter’s (Jake Cuenca) aggressive brawl had us clenching our teeth the entire time. Each punch and kick was so brutal that it felt as if we were the one getting beat up.

If it’s scenes like these that keep you hooked on these teleseryes, then you’re in for a ride this 2021. These and new Kapamilya teleseryes are upping their game and bringing in more awesome stunts and action-packed gimmicks your way.