Toni and Alex Gonzaga share their stories of sisterly love, career journeys, and keeping it real

Good vibes multiplied thrice when the bubbly Gonzaga sisters Toni and Alex graced the show for a whole episode of quick-witted, charming exchange with veteran host Edu Manzano.

Since starring in a now-iconic soda commercial that skyrocketed her to popularity, Toni has come a long way with blockbuster films under her acting resume. She managed to secure her spot in the business and her star continues to shine two decades later. It was Toni’s dad who pushed her to try her luck in showbiz and her courage to follow her dreams led in her unexpected stardom.

But did you know that the ‘Magpakatotoo Ka’ campaign wasn’t supposed to be under her belt? It was first offered to Aubrey Miles, who was also present in that TV ad. Whether it’s destiny or just a stroke of luck, Toni proved no one else can make the ‘I love you, Piolo’ line so iconic than her.

The other half of the famous Gonzaga duo, Alex is making waves as a social media content creator with 7.4 million subscribers on YouTube. With great following also comes a legion of bashers, yet the Gonzaga sisters do not waste their time dealing with people who are not for them.

“I’ve reached a point in my life where I realized that other people’s perception of me is not my responsibility anymore. Whatever judgment or assumption of me, I don’t have the need to explain, prove, defend, or hide,” expressed Toni. This power comes from knowing and embracing her inner truths. She said once you fully grasped your core, which took her years of process, you’ll be secured with who you are and no amount of opinion can destroy you. She added, “If there’s one thing I won’t give them, I feel like it’s my time. My time is reserved for the people I value and cherish.”

Even with a plate full of obligations, Toni still manages to balance her time with work and family. Although, she admits that time-management is something she will never perfect. “But I try my best to be present and I make sure that I fill my cup first. What’s inside my cup is mine and whatever runs over is for everybody.”

While Toni takes each question seriously with her words full of wisdom, Alex displayed her perky side all throughout the interview, which made Edu thought of his equally funny son, Luis Manzano. The classic running joke about Luis showing up at Alex’s debut party even though he wasn’t invited was cracked once again. “Si Luis, noong time na ‘yun  naawa ako sa kanya kasi alam kong mababasted siya ng Ate. Nanliligaw kasi siya sa Ate noon. Three years daw ginugol siya sa Ate, so ang unang Gonzaga na nanakit sa anak n’yo ay si Toni,” she jestingly told Edu.

Edu is curious with how Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy react to Alex’s antics at home. “Parang in-accept na lang nila na anak nila ako,” she joked.

Despite the opposing personalities, Toni and Alex have this unbreakable sisterhood. They borrow each other’s clothes, spend a lot of time together, and even love sharing projects. “I love working with my sister because I feel like there’s a sense of home in the environment. I feel like I can be myself with her, honest and raw with her. I like her presence because I know she won’t judge me,” shared Toni. They consider working together on the small screen and other entertainment platforms as a blessing that’s beyond their wildest imagination.

Taking on a Who’s Most Likely To game, Alex joked that her sister had more suitors but she definitely had more secret admirers. She’s the Gonzaga who likes to organize parties and get-togethers and the one who often wakes up late.

As advice to social media and showbiz aspirants, Toni would recommend to use the quarantine period as the perfect time to know yourself deeper and your truest passion. “If it’s something that you love, you should go for it. You just have to be connected with what you want in life and find that passion and fire in you.”

Social media darling Alex encouraged viewers to keep it real. The process begins with knowing your most authentic self and sticking with it, so you won’t be easily pressured to go along with every trend. “Huwag mong isipin na kung anong nasa online ganoon ka dapat… Kasi kung pumasok ka tapos madiktahan ka, mapanghihinaan ka ng loob. Kailangan kilalanin mo muna ang sarili mo bago ka pumasok sa social media and stick with it,” she explained.