Tipid Nation: Karina'S DIY and affordable disinfectant, natural deodorizer

Keeping our environment clean is more important now than ever. Disinfectants, alcohols, and soaps are flying off the shelves during this pandemic. If you run out but do not want to go outside to buy more, Miss Tipid Karina Bautista has a DIY solution!

The former Pinoy Big Brother housemate watched videos and then asked help from mom blogger Gracie Maulion. For this episode of Tipid Nation, the two followed a DIY disinfectant formula from the Department of Health (DOH). “Sabi nga ng mga health professionals ngayon, mas recommended talaga ‘yung bleach formulation para dito sa virus na kinakaharap natin,” Gracie stated.

You will need water, bleach, and a spray bottle. The safest ratio is ¼ cup of bleach per one gallon of water. If you do not want to use one gallon of water, you can adjust the ratio by doing some basic math. In this video, Karina used one cup of water and half a tablespoon of bleach.

When you try doing the DIY disinfectants, make sure you wear gloves to avoid skin irritations. Simply pour the water in a container. Add the bleach and then mix thoroughly. Transfer your disinfectant to a spray bottle, or any type of bottle, for easy use. Do not forget to label the bottle to avoid any accidents!

Aside from this disinfectant, you can also DIY a kitchen cleaner. All you need to do is combine one liter of water and four tablespoons of baking soda. If you have any citrus fruits like pomelo, lemon or orange, you can make a natural deodorizer too! Save the peels and then add salt to the inside of the skin. The salt acts as a natural preservative to prevent the peel from rotting. Place these in an open container and then leave it in a room to freshen up the room!

Water and salt are already available at home. You can reuse old bottles of drinks. Fruit peels are also free. So, for these DIY projects, you will only spend up to 39 pesos for 250mL of bleach and 250g of baking soda! These can produce more than one batch.