This Emoji Challenge with KDLex will put you in a happy mood today

KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad will put you in a happy mood as they take on the “Emoji Challenge!”

During their guesting on Kapamilya Chat, KDLex looked so adorable re-enacting different emojis in response to a specific situation. For the first round – scenario was getting scolded by their director – Alexa personified the shy emoji; KD, the sad emoji. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet in real life, but Alexa thinks it’d be embarrassing since an entire crew is watching.

On the next scenario, finding a lost item, KD and Alexa mimicked the happy and surprised emojis. Alexa is admittedly impatient in finding a misplaced item, resulting in impulsive decisions, “Nanggigigil ako talaga ‘pag hindi ko mahanap ‘yung isang bagay. Sa sobrang gigil ko, kunwari tangible siya na kaya kong bilhin ulit, bibilhin ko na lang siya ulit kasi hindi ako mapakali talaga na na-misplaced ko ‘yung bagay nay un.”

Alexa’s legit example: “’Yung sunblock ko, hindi ko alam kung saan ko siya nilagay. Hindi ko mahanap kung saan, so nag-add to cart agad ako.” Well a busy woman’s belongings can be a lot to juggle especially when she has too many bags to put her things into.

It becomes more frustrating though when the misplaced item has sentimental value like, for KD, his rings. He gave one to Alexa; the others, they went missing.

KDLex also acted out their emojis for when they are seen-zoned, victimized by fake news, and when their series “Run To Me”receive high viewership.