Kapamilya Snaps: These Kapamilya actors amazed us with their fantastic superhero portrayals!

We all know that Darna is biggest Filipino superheroine, but there are actually others who are just as brave and powerful as she is.

In the past years, several Kapamilya actors have amazingly heeded the calling of a heroic role as they starred in remarkable superhero series, delighting us with the colorful outfits they wore and the computer-generated supernatural powers they possessed. Find out who they are through this Kapamilya Snaps feature!


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo as Krystala

From being a premier drama actress, we we’re able to see Judy Ann in a new light via her portrayal of Krystala in 2004.

Tala” in human form, she gained her powers after discovering a secret cave that housed a magical crystal. Aside from her mighty strength and agility, her powers included “Krystal Blast”, an energy blast that shoots out of her hands.


Makisig Morales as Super Inggo

Taking on the iconic role of Super Inggo undeniably catapulted Little Big Star finalist and former child star Makisig Morales to ultimate stardom.

Just when the 10-year-old Budong thought that he’s going to have an ordinary childhood with his Pareng Jomar (Jairus Aquino), little did he know that he actually inherited the superpowers of his superhero father and supervillain mother. Even though it was a kidserye, Makisig was paired with Kathryn Bernardo, who played Budong’s kikay and maarte love interest Maya.


Awra Briguela as Amazing Ving

After playing supporting roles, Awra finally had his own spotlight when he took on the role of the titular character in 2017’s Wansapantaym Presnts: Amazing Ving.

As everyone’s beloved superhero Super Bing got fatally injured, she decided to pass on her powers to Ving – the “chosen one”. Only he can inherit the “ebur”, a magical tooth that was the source of Super Bing’s powers.


Dominic Ochoa as Super D

From portraying typical father roles in teleseryes, Dominic went on to become an extraordinary superhero dad in the 2016 fantasy drama My Super D.

The transformation of his character Dodong began when he discovered the magical blue gem of the original Super D, Delta (Richard Yap), a superhero from another planet who got killed during one of his missions. He took over his duties and became the new Super D.


Jon Avila as Kapitan Boom

Fresh from his Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, Jon was tapped to be the titular character in the first Komiks Presents offering Kapitan Boom.

In human form, Lance (Jay-R Siaboc) was just an ordinary college student who’s extremely infatuated with Melody (Maja Salvador). But whenever he took on his superhero alter ego, all eyes were definitely on him as Kapitan Boom sported a hunky bod and strikingly good-looking face.


Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as Varga

Aside from being a bankable host, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla was also able to exhibit her acting chops in the earlier years of her showbiz career, such as in her portrayal of the superheroine “Varga” in the second installment of Komiks Presents.

Princess Vara came from a world of powerful beings, which destruction led her to Earth. As she landed on Earth, she learned to love the people and becomes the superheroine Varga to fight the forces of evil.


John Prats as Tiny Tony

After appearing in a number of teleseryes and movies, John finally attained his first-ever title role via Komiks Presents “Tiny Tony”. This was also his first time working with his FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano co-actor and director Coco Martin, who played as the main antagonist.

A science prodigy, an accident led him from becoming a normal-sized person to only six inches tall. He may be small, but his superpowers made him truly terrible.


Shaina Magdayao as Dragonna

From being a dramatic actress, we’re also able to see Shaina in a new light when she played the role of the fire-wielding Olive in Komiks Presents “Dragonna.”

Coming from a family with a dragon blood, she eventually discovered her ability to create and control fire and her weakness as water. Soon after, she donned the costume of Dragonna.


Luis Manzano as Flash Bomba

For the closing salvo of Komiks Presents series, Luis amazed us with his acting chops in the 2009 TV adaptation of “Flash Bomba”.

Also known as Roldan Legaspi, Flash Bomba earned his crime fighting abilities after gaining the powers of a tikbalang. Using his large hands and feet, Flash Bomba can walk on walls and create a “thunderclap” that could strongly shake up the ground and fatally defeat his enemies.


Vhong Navarro as Lastikman

Before becoming an It’s Showtime mainstay, Vhong used to delight us every weeknight with his portrayal of the iconic superhero Lastikman in the 2007 TV incarnation of the popular comic book.

As we all know, Lastikman is a half-human, half-alien who can stretch his body and change its shape according to what he needs in a certain situation. He originated from planet Igbao and was born as Eskappar. Upon arrival on earth, he altered his name to Miguel and began fighting monsters in his flexible black and green suit.

Who among these certified superheroes are your favorites?