Kapamilya Snaps: These celebs will inspire you to build your own farm at home!

During this time when we are highly encouraged to eat healthy in order to boost our immune system to avoid sicknesses, some of us find it troublesome as the prices of some fruits and vegetables shot up recently.

However, there are some who were able to prepare for this unforeseen scenario as they were able to build their own farms at their homes! Just like the celebrities included in this Kapamilya Snaps feature who have stepped up their game by growing their own food.


Coco Martin

Whenever he’s not busy with his acting and directing jobs in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Coco attends to his mini farm near his villa-inspired abode in Quezon City. In the pictures he uploaded on Instagram, we saw that some of the produce he grows include mango, papaya, ampalaya, eggplant, pechay, and chili.

IN PHOTOS: Coco Martin’s bountiful “probinsyano” life in urban farm


Dimples Romana

If she’s not at work nor at home, you may find Dimples in their family farm in Alfonso, Cavite. She already showcased it in Magandang Buhay in April 2019 as she toured momshie-hosts Karla Estrada and Melai Cantiveros-Francisco around it.

WATCH: Dimples Romana tours the momshies around her family's farm

According to her, they consider it as a life project as the improvements they make are continual. They put it up as venue of their family get-together. This sanctuary is actually the fruit of the Kadenang Ginto actress’ hard work through the years and it was her best friend who advised her to invest in it.


Zsa Zsa Padilla

When she’s not enthralling us with her vocal prowess in ASAP Natin ‘To, you’ll probably see Zsa Zsa in her sprawling farm in Lucban, Quezon that she shares with her partner Architect Conrad Onglao.

This “little peace of heaven”, which she calls Esperanza Farms, is situated in a five-and-half hectare property in Barangay Kilib and features expansive areas for farming, fishing, and other leisure activities. She gave us a peek of it and of her full farm life through her previous vlogs, wherein she was seen preparing a full meal for Conrad using all the ingredients sourced from the farm – freshly-caught tilapia from their fish pond and freshly-harvested vegetables and rice!


Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

Aside from being a great actress, Judy Ann is also known for being a good chef. As many of us know, she has been running a YouTube channel named “Judy Ann’s Kitchen” wherein she demonstrates the recipes she has learned and developed through the years.

However, did you know that some of the ingredients she uses in her tutorials actually came from their home garden? In one of her media interviews, she divulged that their family decided to venture in urban farming when the community quarantine began early this year.

Apart from being a mere bonding activity and source of food for their household, farming is also the Paano Kita Mapapasalamatan host’s way of educating her kids and encouraging them to eat more veggies.


Mylene Dizon

Mylene was also able to focus on her organic farming endeavor during this quarantine. At her home in Silang, Cavite, she keeps a “small patch of land” in her backyard where she plants various vegetables, such as lettuce, okra, arugula, herbs, and those mentioned in the folk song “Bahay Kubo”.

The Taal Volcano eruption last January might have destroyed her crops, but the The Good Son actress revealed in an interview that she was able to rebuild her farm by tilling the soil, fixing the layout, and surrounding the vegetable beds with “ecobricks” made of volcanic ash.

Aside from her desire for food security, she also aspires to encourage other people to follow suit by sharing her farming journey on Instagram.


Marjorie Barretto

Marjorie and her family got their own slice of paradise through the farm, orchard, and garden they keep in their “humble” home in Calumpit, Bulacan, which they built with blood, sweat, and tears a few years ago. And when the country was put under community quarantine this 2020, she was seen personally planting guyabano, kamias, and rambutan trees as an experiment.


Richard Gomez

He definitely has the looks, talent, and admirable personality. However, many women out there, especially his wife Lucy Torres, are gushing even more over veteran actor and Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez’s incredible skills in cooking and gardening!

In a video he uploaded last April, he brought us along with him as he harvested some of the ripe fruits of his tomato plants, which he immediately used to cook his favorite linguine pasta dish. Besides, he also showed how beneficial it is to have a mini farm wherein he sources some of the ingredients and vegetables of the delicious meals he prepares by posting videos and photos of his farming journey on social media.


Cheska Kramer

From simply sharing the daily ganaps in their ever-popular family, Team Kramer has been inspiring their fans and followers to also try backyard gardening – an endeavor they started during this quarantine. Amid their busy schedules, couple Cheska and Doug were still able to squeeze in their newfound hobby that they share with their three adorable children Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

Aside from serving as their personal time, gardening is also their way of educating their children regarding the importance of farming and the benefits of growing their own food, as well as of motivating their children to eat fruits and vegetables.

In a photo with her son Gavin that she posted on IG, Cheska stated in the caption: “Lately I’ve been into growing our own vegetables here at home. I always try to involve the kids in helping me. Not only is it a fun activity, but they also understand the value of what we grow and why it is healthy for our bodies.”

Based on their social media posts, Team Kramer obviously enjoys every harvest in their garden filled with assortment of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Doug has been very supportive of Cheska as he even bought her a new set of gardening tools!


Neri Naig

Aside from becoming a fulltime homemaker to her own family and an entrepreneur, Neri has been also devoting her time away from the spotlight in her newest endeavor – gardening.

In recent months, the Star Circle Quest alumna bombarded her IG followers’ feeds and her YouTube channel with farm-related posts, like the vegetables and fruits she planted and nurtured herself. She also revealed that their harvests aren’t actually not for family consumption, as they share it with their neighbors too!

Among the crops available in Neri’s “kitchen garden” are peanuts, carrots, parsley, sweetcorn, mulberry, cabbage, and others.


Sharon Cuneta

While Sharon and his husband Senator Kiko Pangilinan live in two different yet similarly grueling worlds – showbiz and politics – they’re able to find their escape through their organic and leisure farm located in the highlands of Alfonso, Cavite. It was already featured in an episode of Kris TV in 2013.

Named Sweet Spring Country Farm, this three-hectare property – according to its official website – is divided into two parts: the play area and the farmstead wherein guests could fully experience the rural life. Even though they have helpers, Sen. Kiko makes sure to be still hands-on in running their farm alongside the Megastar and their children by doing some of jobs themselves, like gardening.

Whether you have sprawling land or a few small pots, these celebrities will inspire you to develop a green thumb.