KSnaps Celeb Siblings Bonding Activities

Having siblings could be one of the best things to happen in a person’s life. Aside from having someone you can really call family, they can also be your best friends to whom you can confide everything that is happening to you, as well as share some of the things that you enjoy doing.

Just like the celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, who despite being busy with their showbiz commitments are still able to make time for their bonding moments with their beloved siblings!


Donny Pangilinan

He may be admired as one of the bankable heartthrobs of ABS-CBN, but Donny is loved more for being sweet when it comes to the people close to his heart, including his siblings. Even though he’s currently busy with Can’t Buy Me Love and his other projects, he makes sure that he still has time to bond with them.

Apart from picking up their bunso Sola from school on his motorcycle, he also accompanied her in watching the award-winning musical “Hamilton” last year. Meanwhile, he is also concert and golf buddies with his other younger sister Hannah.


Ivana Alawi

We’re able to get a glimpse of Ivana’s tight bond with her younger sister Mona through their social media posts and her YouTube vlogs, wherein they share some of their lovely moments together. Although we usually see them pranking one another with the help of their older siblings Amira and Hash and their Mama Fatima, the two actually regard one another as “bestie”.

The FPJ’s Batang Quiapo actress and their bunso are not just fond of surprising each other, but they love working out and going to different places here and abroad, too!


Janine Gutierrez

Whenever she’s not busy with work, Janine usually spends time with her siblings Jessica, Diego, and Maxine. Among their favorite things to do together are going on vacations and attending concerts.

During one of her trips to the United States last year, Janine apparently enjoyed food- tripping and hiking with their youngest sibling Maxine.


Andrea Brillantes

Describing her sister Kayla Aan as “my constant, my rock, my first best friend who can sometimes (or most of the time) also be my mother and father, my best friend who can sometimes (or most of the time) also be my mother and father, we can say that the bond between Andrea and her Ate is definitely strong.

As a supportive sister, Kayla has been her constant companion in almost everything that the Senior High star does. Last year, they tried golf for the first time as a new bonding activity.


Kaila Estrada

While her character Bettina in Can’t Buy Me Love doesn’t have an amiable bond with her sisters, Kaila is actually close with her sisters in real life Moira and Inah. In fact, they refer to their adorable trio as “Powerpuff”.

As daughters of Janice de Belen, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the three of them know how to cook, too! They may be busy in their respective careers, but they make sure to be present in the special milestones and occasions of each other and of their family.


Erik Santos

There’s definitely no doubt that Erik is a supportive kuya to his younger sister Hadiyah. Apparently, good singing voice runs in their family as just like him, the up-and-coming young artist is a promising singer, too. In fact, the two have already performed together on ASAP Natin ‘To.

Apart from singing, another activity that they seem to enjoy doing together is traveling. Last year, they didn’t just go on a quick getaway to Boracay to celebrate Erik’s birthday and successful concert, but also had a wonderful European trip.


Gela Atayde

The Senior High actress described her big brother, Arjo, as her “biggest inspiration, biggest bully, and biggest motivator.” And one of the things that Gela has in common with his kuya is their love for dance. The two actually are members of the same dance troupe and had the chance to perform together in the past.


Joj and Jai Agpangan

They’re definitely one of the most famous twins in showbiz. After joining Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 in 2012, Joj and Jai went on to become household names as they got cast in several projects either as a duo or as individual artists. In 2018, they graduated at the same time from the University of the Philippines Open University.

And recently, both of them are reservists for the Philippine Navy. One of their roles is to assist in medical missions.