These celebrity dads share lessons on fatherhood

While some of us grew up completely fearing our dads, which made it hard for us to build a deep and cordial bond with them, there are children who are amazingly able to create lovely connections with them. 

Well, thanks to their dads who made them feel that they can be the best of friends, just like the celebrity fathers featured in this episode of Stellar’s THE HQ, who gave us a glimpse of their relationships with their beloved kids through their appearances on Magandang Buhay.

Afraid that their daddies will disown and severely reprimand them once they ‘fess up about their real gender, many of our friends from the LGBTQ+ family still have to hide in the closet. But not Deirdre “Dids” Veneracion, who shared her coming out story on the morning talk show with her very supportive Popshie Ian Veneracion. Instead of getting mad at him, the Make It With You actor played it cool when she told him that she likes girls by saying that he also likes girls. He then went on to tell her, “Just don't ever be apologetic about it. Not even to me. You can be whoever you wanna be and I have full support.

Despite being the daughter of one of the most illustrious names in the local entertainment scene, Leila Alcasid still grew up to become an independent young woman, thanks to her Popshie Ogie Alcasid who encourages her to live as an adult. He gives her the freedom to live according to her own terms and seize the world in order for her to learn and discover new things that could help her as she grows old.

As he portrayed roles of strict and cruel dads on-screen in the past years, Popshie John Estrada is actually different in real life, according to his children Kaila and Yuan who described him as a cool dad during their guesting in Magandang Buhay in 2017. However, as they see him as one of their “barkada”, to whom they could talk about and do a lot of things with and who is the “life of the party”, the talented actor imparted that he still reminds them that he is still their father above all.

From being a matinee idol and perennial loveteam partner of momshie-host Jolina Magdangal, Popshie Marvin Agustin is now a doting father to his now 15-year-old twins. Although he’s currently busy juggling his career as an actor and entrepreneur, the former Kapamilya actor still makes sure to find time to bond with them by doing their mutual interests – playing golf, eating, cooking, swimming, and talking with one another.

Raising his twins Atasha and Andres with wife Charlene Gonzalez indeed disciplined Popshie Aga Muhlach as they helped him realize a lot of important things about fatherhood. At the same time, he also teaches them the things they should know about life, especially now they’re approaching adulthood. In spite having a well-off life, the celebrated actor reminded them that they still “have to experience life and work for it” and it’s definitely okay if they are going to live simple and low-key someday. 

A Soldier’s Heart actor Rommel Padilla wasn’t able to contain his emotions as he recalled that heart-rending moment when his ex-partner, momshie-host Karla Estrada brought their son Daniel Padilla along with her when she visited him in prison. It was really unexpected for him, so he had nothing but gratitude and apologies for the two angels of his life then.

Aren’t these celebrity dads the best and the ones every child could really ask for?