These celebrity couples married for 10 years or more will make you believe in forever!

To find true love is a rarity, much more in the Tinseltown wherein relationships are often fleeting. Yet, there are celebrity couples who stood the test of time. Here are some of showbiz’ long-enduring Mr. and Mrs. who will make you believe in forever!


Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo

It’s worth noting that Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo love their privacy, quite surprising for a drama queen and a celebrated host. This perhaps is one of the secret ingredients that made them stronger since falling in love on the set of Kapamilya series Krystala back in 2004. They kept their relationship low-key from the dating phase to family life. They even pulled off a secret intimate wedding in 2009. And now that they expanded the brood with Yohan, Lucho, and Luna, the power couple remains protective of their family.


Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia

Team Kramer started to capture the netizens’ hearts with adorable videos of siblings Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin. These kids are the fruit of the decade-long friendship and love between Cheska Garcia and cager husband Doug Kramer. The couple often tells that one secret to their lasting marriage is constant date nights. This December, they will be marking 12 years.


Tonton Gutierrez and Glydel Mercado

While they’re known as brilliant thespians, the love between Tonton Gutierrez and Glydel Mercado is deep and authentic – never scripted! Blessed with two daughters Aneeza and Aneeka, the couple married for 16 years cultivate communication and trust as their secret weapons. They top it off with simplicity. Tonton and Glydel said they prefer to bond at home than mingle in parties.


Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado

In a photo that commemorates 19 years of love and friendship with wife Jessa Zaragoza, singer Dingdong Avanzado wrote the caption, “No Social Distancing with you today…19 years mo nang hawak ang Corona sa puso ko!” However, just like other relationships, theirs wasn’t just all glittery and sweet. There were hurdles and a bit of intrigue. But what matters is they surpassed them all by putting God at the center of their union. The OPM icons continue to make beautiful music together – literally and now with daughter Jayda.


Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales

Whirlwind romances are often judged as impulsive, short-lived love affairs. Yet, Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales have emerged stronger over the past 19 years. One memorable event in their relationship was the 1994 Binibining Pilipinas pageant wherein he served as a judge and she was a contender, later the titleholder. But it was after working in the sitcom Oki Doki Dok when they became friends. And did you know that the lovestruck Aga and Charlene jumped from being just friends to engaged real quick? They skipped the boyfriend-girlfriend stage and the whirlwind romance brought them twins Andres and Atasha.


Gary Estrada and Bernadette Allyson

In an interview with PUSH, Bernadette Allyson revealed that she and husband Gary Estrada are opposite in many ways. She loves to explore while he prefers to stay at home. She’s a city girl while he likes the countryside more. But somehow, they managed to keep their union strong for 19 years. The secret? Allyson would have to say ‘commitment.’ It’s their “love and desire to keep the marriage work” that helped them endure all the trials. The couple is blessed with beautiful ‘tres marias’ who could possibly steal the spotlight someday.


Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres

Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres’ love story is one for the books, often narrated in the beautiful words of Mrs. Gomez herself. She had a crush on him since she was 12. But they belonged in different worlds. He was a matinee idol while she was a simple lass from the province. Until in 1993, she was cast in a shampoo commercial with no less than Richard as the leading man. The sweet long-distance courtship led to a church wedding in 2008. To commemorate their 22nd anniversary last April, the power couple planted a Dita tree with their unica hija Juliana. “It’s evergreen, just like my love for you. Thank you for being my guiding light,” said the romantic caption penned by Richard this time. Lucy matched the sweet words with a clip from their wedding captioned, “You enter a room and you just bring the sunshine in. With you, everything is just better. Know that you are my love song, every bit of that magic I ever believed in.” 


Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera

Keeping a union stable under the public eye is a feat that Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera must be proud of, apart from raising two sons who are doing well in their studies. The couple recently turned the CVOID-19 break into an opportunity to be with the kids in Canada where they’re studying. Their candid moments posted on social media prove that the love, romantic gestures, and humor did not fade away over the past 21 years.


Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan

The Megastar Sharon Cuneta and politician husband Kiko Pangilinan marked their 24th year as a married couple last April. Kiko still knows how to make his wife ‘kilig’ and laugh by sending her unique gifts for the occasion. It includes a collage of photos from her favorite K-drama “Crash Landing on You,” edited with their faces to make it  look like he’s the leading man and she’s the leading lady. The surprise did not end there as he gave her ‘chicharon bulaklak’ instead of a real bouquet of flowers.


Manilyn Reynes and Aljon Jimenez

While she’s been paired with different actors in the past, Manilyn Reynes found true love in no one else but husband Aljon Jimenez. “You and I will always be together forever,” she captioned a throwback photo with him. After 24 years of marriage, nothing has changed with their sweetness. And just like their eternally youthful aura, they prove that true love doesn’t get old.


Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas

They say that childhood sweethearts rarely last. Well, Gladys Reyes and Christopher Roxas made it for 27 years as a married couple even while they’re under the showbiz limelight. Their love story started on the set of the original ABS-CBN drama Mara Clara which ran from 1992-1997. They tied the knot in 2004 and renewed their vows in 2018 to mark their silver anniversary. Looking at their throwback photos, it is obvious that they were always meant to be.


Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan

It’s been 36 years since Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan got married. And their journey remains beautiful, growing, and fulfilling to this day! The couple often gives honor to the Man above for their lasting union. They believe that struggles are part of any relationship dynamics and these are necessary to remind couples of the importance of God, the only one who can put two people together.


Tirso Cruz III and Lynn Ynchausti

After 39 years of raising a family together, of continually growing old together, Tirso Cruz III still looks at wife Lyn Ynchausti like they’re teenagers in love! He is always proud to show her photos on social media coupled with sweet captions. Even after almost four decades of marriage, they still miss each other when they’re apart for work obligations. And they share the same love for dancing!


Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong 

How many couples do you know have been married for 40 years? Christopher de Leon and Sandy Andolong have been living out their happily ever after for four decades! It was a case of instant attraction for Christopher. He first knew about her through a feature story in a magazine and he knew right there and then that she’s the girl he’s going to marry. Countless onscreen roles portrayed and hurdles surpassed 40 years later, Christopher and Sandy keep the bliss alive with their five children.


Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama

Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama must be one of the biggest believers of forever. The couple celebrated their 41st anniversary this year. Annabelle doesn’t shy away from amusing stories of how she pursued Eddie. She used to be just an adoring fan of a big superstar. She loved everything about him. And when they finally met, all thanks to her persistence, Eddie was likewise smitten by the fair beauty of then-shy girl Annabelle. After 41 years, their admiration for each other just never fades. 


After seeing all these celebrity couples, do you believe in true love yet?