These celebrities gave us a glimpse of how they usually are at home

As we all know, our beloved celebrities usually have a jam-packed schedule, especially during the times that they are doing a certain project or busy with various work engagements.

But even though they are busy and stressed at work, not to mention that they are already famous and earning more than enough, it’s indeed good to know that there are some of them who are very hands-on when it comes to handling the matters of the house and still find time to do household chores.

Just like the nine celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature, who gave us a glimpse of how they usually are at home, as well as proved us that stars like them also has a knack and skills in maintaining the house.

Jericho Rosales loves washing dishes.

We all know how a great actor he is. But what some of us may not know yet is that he has already mastered washing the dishes, based on the reels of him doing it that he uploaded on Instagram. And his followers were surely delighted to find out that equality and fairness run in their household as he wrote in the caption of one of his posts: “She makes the meals. I wash the dishes”.

Aside from this, Jericho actually also knows how to cook and do the laundry. A husband material indeed!

Piolo Pascual is a certified “plantito”.

Having a farm in Batangas has further honed Piolo’s skills in taking care of plants as he spends his time maintaining the plants himself as what we’ve seen in the vlog of his dear friend and celebrity doctor Vicky Belo. When he’s not tending to his plants, we may probably see the Flower of Evil lead actor doing the laundry, as he even uploaded a TikTok video of him showing his followers how he does it.

Jane de Leon is in-charge of doing the groceries and feeding the cats at home.

In her first-ever vlog, Jane gave fans a glimpse into her life behind the cameras – or everytime she’s not Darna. The headliner of Mars Ravelo’s Darna shared that she’s usually tasked to do the grocery shopping and feeding their 14 cats.

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is into cooking and urban farming.

Aside from being an award-winning actress, Juday is also known as talented cook and great homemaker. We know how a kitchen whiz she truly is through the cooking tutorials she uploads on her YouTube channel. As a mom, she teaches her kids how to harvest vegetables from her own “little bukid”, as well as to cook them afterwards.

Zsa Zsa Padilla spends her free time at their farm and in grocery shopping.

Another celebrity to try their hand on farming is Zsa Zsa, who spends her time off her ASAP Natin ‘To and Tawag Ng Tanghalan duties at her farm in Quezon Province. In one of her vlogs, she didn’t just give her fans a tour around the property, but also shared that she harvests and cooks their own food there. When not busy at her farm, she sometimes goes grocery shopping.

Melai Cantiveros regards cleaning their toilet her “morning exercise”.

As we all know, Melai lives a busy life as a Magandang Buhay host and a mom, yet she still does some household chores during her free time. And her favorite? Cleaning the toilet. While many arguably hates doing it, the momshie-host described it as her “morning exercise” in an Instagram post.

Kristine Hermosa washes pillows and motorcycle gear with her family.

Indeed, Kristine is lucky enough to have the cutest helpers when doing household chores. In an IG post, the actress shared photos of their family happily washing pillows and motorcycle gear together.

Vice Ganda does his duties as Ion Perez’s spouse.

They may have househelpers that they dub “Valur Angels,” but there are instances when Vice will take on the chores. In one of her YouTube vlogs, he volunteered to clean the motorcycle of his husband Ion Perez after a ride. And in another, the It’s Showtime host was spotted preparing a meal for the both of them. A “butihing maybahay,” indeed.

Ivana Alawi is definitely an all-around girl!

Who would forget that time when Ivana became a trending topic after she posted a video of herself doing household chores? But what made us wow the most was when she sorted, handwashed, and hanged her laundry, just proving how she knows it all too well and not just for the show. In her vlogs, we could also see the A Family Affair actress cooking a meal for her family, washing her car, and even cleaning her new home!

Behind all the glitz and glamour, these Kapamilya stars have delightfully remained humble!