The weirdest food combinations Kapamilya stars swear by!

Vanilla ice cream with toyo, nuggets dunked in cola, and strawberry dipped in salt may sound odd but they work – according to some Kapamilya stars. Read on for other weird food combinations they love:   

Corned beef with vinegar works well for Alyssa Muhlach’s taste buds. “Siguro kasi mahilig ako sa maasim. Masarap siya. You should try it. Corned beef tapos ang sawsawan suka – to die for!”

French fries are so versatile you can dip them in ice cream like what Esnyr Ranollo and Daniela Stranner usually do, or let them dive into a cold milkshake according to Jeremy G. After all, nothing can go wrong with the union of sweet and salty.  

So if you haven’t tried drizzling vanilla ice cream with soy sauce, you should give it a shot! Anji Salvacion says it will taste like caramel.

Janine Berdin loves kimchi, so much she can eat it with everything, “Pine- pair ko siya sa lahat, sa breakfast, ganon. Pero hindi naman sa cake.”

If you’re in for some next-level food experiment, you may try eating chicken nuggets dunked in cola. Anthony Jennings just did.

The standard tinola recipe doesn’t require hotdogs as an ingredient. But Ashley del Mundo tried adding them into the tinola soup and she loved its taste.

Make strawberries a little more exciting by dipping them in salt, according to Kiara Takahashi. Vivoree Esclito also has the same food habit with apples. 

For Lou Yanong, banana and ginamos bagoong is an unforgettable team-up. Not really a combination but Sky Quizon thinks it’s weird that he eats shrimps or prawns with the shell.

If you’re bored with your usual mac and cheese recipe, brighten it up by adding ketchup. Shanaia Gomez says people judge her for doing it. Albie Casiño scoops out chocolate spread with a sandwich cookie.

Pinoy Big Brother housemates learn to make the most of what’s in their weekly food supply. According to KD Estrada, if the budget doesn’t allow them to buy sandwich spread, they “take the bread and put coffee creamer on it.”  

Would you try these unusual food pairings?