Gold Squad Essence of Christmas

In the wake of last night’s Noche Buena and today’s extended festivity, we are full of bright, exciting feelings – of nostalgia at some moments. But today is also a day of prayer and reflection in which we think of what makes Christmas a complete and meaningful occasion. 

The Gold Squad and more Kapamilya stars share their perspective of the season as we ask them to fill in the statement “It wouldn’t be Christmas without ______”.

For Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin, Christmas would not be complete without family. For them, the holiday is best spent with family that however busy and wherever we may be throughout the year, we make it a point to celebrate and make quality time with them. 

It’s all about family for Alyssa Muhlach, Janine Berdin, Anthony Jennings, Kobie Brown, and Nio Tria as well. Daniela Stranner said her Christmas wouldn’t be merry without her dad and brother coming home.  

We Filipinos also get much enjoyment from good food, especially from dishes that remind us of special stories. For Lovi Poe, Christmas is indulging in her mom’s kaldereta and fruit salad recipes.    

It’s wouldn’t be Christmas without love, according to Andi Abaya, AC Bonifacio, and Esnyr Ranollo. Love must be spread all year round but the holidays put us in a more affectionate mood – all because it is the birthday of Jesus, the perfect epitome of love.
So, yes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Jesus. Vivoree Esclito and Cool Cat Ash didn’t forget to remember the reason for the season. It’s about commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, whose existence breathes forth unadulterated joy, peace, and hope.   

Make your celebrations bright this morning by taking a pause, filling your heart with gratitude, and reflecting on what Christmas personally means to you. Have a safe and merry Christmas, Kapamilya!