The sweetest and craziest Kapamilya Chat games faced by your favorite love teams!

Fun always happens on Kapamilya Chat, your ultimate online tambayan! That’s why it’s always a home to zesty love teams who are always game for candid interviews and challenges. Here are the sweetest and craziest games that your favorite love teams faced only on Kapamilya Chat!


You’d melt in laughter as Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla hinted at how much they know each other while trying to hold pieces of marshmallows in their mouths via Chubby Bunny Challenge. The King and Queen of Hearts gave fans exclusive passes to their favorites. Kathryn divulged that Daniel likes the color black, double dutch as an ice cream flavor, and soup-based food. Daniel, adorably cute while struggling to open his mouth, mentioned that his “bal” is a foodie but she likes steak the most and that her favorite colors are white and pink.


Ba-na-na! Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s Banana Challenge required no peeling and eating, just a strict concentration and a bit of ‘gigil.’ The real-life sweethearts had to complete the word ‘banana’ as they take their turn in chanting each syllable. The one who slips will complete a dare. After a few intense rounds, Enrique was declared as the winner and he got to ask Liza for a 10-second eskimo kiss. Is that a consequence or a prize, Enrique?


Fresh from the success of The General’s Daughter, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte got another mission accomplished as they completed Kapamilya Chat’s If I Were You Challenge. The couple answered intriguing questions while impersonating each other with a hilarious ‘bukingan’ and ‘buhat-bangko’ twist.  LoiNie surely knows each other to the core that they can easily switch personalities and read each other’s minds.


The heart thumping What’s In The Box Challenge had many artists freaking out because of the surprising, scary textures of the mystery objects inside the container. Sometimes, the ‘fear of the unknown’ reveals a player’s loud, jumpy demeanor. Such was the case of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber. Wearing matching jackets, the tandem had no calm trying to guess the items, which turned out to be sticky rice cakes or suman, live worms, and chopped papaya. Edward was quietly nervous while Maymay would scream in fear. The challenge ended with a celebratory hug.   


The growing romance between Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes never fails to send us butterflies. And their youthful competitive energy is simply contagious! On a test of compatibility, SethDrea aimed for matching answers as they reveal their quirks and secrets. We learned that Andrea’s pet peeve is a slow texter and that she is good at saving money. Meanwhile, Seth feels the happiest when he makes others happy and he loves the beach.


Joined by their fellow The Gold Squad members, Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz showed off their chemistry and blossoming friendship in the same Compatibility Test. Kyle revealed that Francine is a night owl and that Joseph Marco is her ultimate showbiz crush. Meanwhile, according to Francine, her love team partner gifted her a bracelet (which she unfortunately lost) and that he loves the sunset. KyCine also mentioned that they don’t share passwords simply because they trust each other.

These fun and kilig-filled moments are such a huge hit! What challenges do you want to see next on Kapamilya Chat?