The most candid confessions from Kapamilya love teams’ kilig-filled interviews

Love teams never fail to give us magical kilig experience in movies and series. But the real sparks fly when they act natural during interviews, without scripts and takes. Just plain honesty. Here are some of the sweetest, unfiltered stories and confessions from Kapamilya love teams during their guest appearances in talk shows!


There’s really no secret formula to why Kathryn Bernando and Daniel Padilla continue to reign supreme. They just adore each other for real, on and off-cam! In an interview for Gandang Gabi Vice in 2016, the couple bared their clinginess, saying they’re still, at that time, not open to sharing each other with other artists. Kathryn sounded territorial with her frank “hindi pwede” response. And the equally possessive KathNiel shippers screamed with delight. Although, they mentioned that changing onscreen partners is an inevitable part of career growth. They just have to prepare their hearts, and probably their eyes, first. Kathryn further confessed that she’s the more jealous partner.

From jealousy, the topic turned to dream wedding in an appearance for Magandang Buhay,  two years later. Kathryn and Daniel revealed that talks about tying the knot pop up once in a while. They dream of having a beach wedding. But it doesn’t mean that it will happen anytime soon. We’ll patiently wait, anyway!


After keeping their relationship a secret for a few years, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil slowly got more comfortable in talking about their romance. They started to divulge tiny deets first like their term of endearment which Enrique said was “baby” during an interview in Tonight With Boy Abunda. He also revealed that Liza doesn’t want him too muscular, so she could melt in his softness when hugged.

The soft-spoken Liza was a bit shy when asked how often they tell each other “I love you,” leading to a hilarious banter with host Vice Ganda. Years later, in an appearance for Magandang Buhay, she was more open about Enrique’s effort to keep her company during her post-surgery (on the finger and hip) recovery in the States. She mentioned that Enrique cooked for her, helped her move around, and he would even comb her hair. His sister was also there to assist. And the best birthday gift she got from him? It’s none other than his love!


Ronnie Alonte called Loisa Andalio his queen in one interview. They further shared their love story’s timeline. They met in It’s Showtime where they used to perform with the GirlTrends and Hashtags. She admittedly liked him first. His friends would often catch her stealing glances of him. Until, she started to join their barkada trips and they got to know each other deeper. Ronnie felt he found the right girl for him.

In Magandang Buhay, Loisa revealed that she grew up fatherless. And Ronnie filled in that gap. He helped her become more mature and feel complete. In return, Ronnie shared that Loisa always inspires him. Although, he would admit that he almost gave up on the relationship several times already. But he just can’t imagine life without her.

As the years went by, LoiNie’s relationship became stronger than ever. There was an evident sense of security as they guested in Tonight With Boy Abunda after their second anniversary. Loisa and Ronnie said that they often tell each other ‘I love you’ and that’s already enough. No more big gestures required. No more constant text messaging to check on each other as well. They’ve become more comfortable and trusting.


The public was a witness to how Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber’s friendship blossomed inside the Pinoy Big Brother  house. While there hasn’t been any confirmation about the real score between them, these two clearly adore each other. He said that there’s no one else in his heart than Maymay. He’s more expressive as well. He tells her “I love you” and makes sure to match the sweet talks with actions. For instance, Edward was in the live audience during one of Maymay’s solo interview for Gandang Gabi Vice. When asked why he’s extremely supportive of her, Maymay answered on his behalf and said that they are best friends.


Kim Chiu and Xian Lim crossed paths in 2008 while she was taping for the finale episode of My Girl. Years later, the intriguing stranger became her boyfriend and we couldn’t get any happier for them. To prove that their relationship is for keeps, Kim revealed that Xian visited their house in Cebu City and met her family.

One quality that makes Xian perfect for Kim is his being an ‘Instagram boyfriend.’ He talked about his fun sacrifices to give her perfectly angled photos during an interview for Magandang Buhay. Get you a guy who willingly stays behind the cameras to make you feel like a star!


Rising love team Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes never fail to make fans happy with their candid confessions. These young stars are never scared to express how much they mean to each other. Andrea calls Seth as the light of her life and her answered prayer.

Andrea told veteran host Boy Abunda that she asked God to bestow her with a love team partner who can help her grow and attain success. When Seth delivered a pick-up line in a scene for their hit series Kadenang Ginto, she knew her prayer has been granted.

During her solo interview for TWBA, Andrea confirmed that they are dating.


The getting-to-know-each-other stage always brings butterflies. We could see the ‘kilig’ in Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz. Just like their fellow The Gold Squad duo, this pair is always honest about their blossoming friendship. KyCine doesn’t keep secrets from each other. They open up to one another about their problems and thoughts. They also met both camps’ friends and families.

When asked by fans about their future, KyCine didn’t deny the possibility of taking their relationship from the reel to real. She believes that falling for each other is never impossible considering that they always spend time together.

Revelations are surely more kilig when unscripted. This is why you should never miss an interview of your favorite Kapamilya love teams! Which of these kilig moments was your favorite?