Kapamilya Snaps: The fun, exciting revelations of your fave actors on Search Party!

With the advent of social media, we have become more amazingly interconnected with one another. It has been easy for us to reach and stay updated to our loved ones, friends, and other acquaintances with just a few clicks on our devices. Besides, this has also enabled fans to get to know more and mingle with their celebrity idols through their posts.

However, this seems to be not enough yet, so ABS-CBN Entertainment came up with an online segment wherein stars are given the chance to further introduce themselves to the fans by responding to some of the “most searched questions” about them on the worldwide web.

And in this episode of Kapamilya Snaps, let’s revisit the stints of some remarkable moments of Kapamilya actors on “Search Party”!


Joshua Garcia

He may have fell short in his bid to become the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: All In, but Joshua has been blessed with a slew of television and movie projects in the past six years. And since he’s still considered young in the industry, he found it hard to decide which among his portrayals is the best for him as those were equally important to him.

However, did you know that before becoming a great actor, he was a member of a folkdance group named Sining Kumintang ,which already represented the country in various international stages.

And since he’s among the bankable heartthrobs of his generation, it’s a must for the The Killer Bride star to take good care of his health and figure. Thus, he follows a diet that allows him to eat anything he wants, except rice and sweet treats.


Carlo Aquino

Ever since he was a kid, Carlo has been a star. But not many of us know that he started off his acting career when he was approached by an agent at a train station for a commercial.

He may have attained a lot in his decades-long journey as an actor, yet he still looks forward on taking on jobs behind the camera. He has already directed two music videos, but he wants to direct movies too. 

Being in this demanding industry for a long time could be exhausting. Thus, it’s a must for celebrities like him to find a hobby. And for the A Soldier’s Heart actor, who has been a motorcycle enthusiast for three years now, it’s riding his motorcycle and being alone on the road that help him relax.


Enchong Dee

Before becoming a famous celebrity, Enchong used to be a competitive swimmer from 13 to 21 years old. He was a s student-athlete at De La Salle University, wherein he also earned his bachelor’s degree in Developmental Studies.

Ever since his first-ever television appearance on the now-defunct morning talk show Homeboy when he was only 16, the ASAP Natin ‘To mainstay has already taken on innumerable projects that indeed showcased his multi-facetedness as an actor, dancer, singer, and host.


Sam Milby

By just looking at his fit physique, it’s easy for us to assume that Sam grew up with an active lifestyle. Some of the sports he’s inclined to were motocross, golf, tennis, hockey, and even karate.

Aside from being a great actor, we all know how a passionate musician he is for he doesn’t only play musical instruments, but also write some original songs as well. However, because of his hectic schedule, the Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin leading man has not been able to fully concentrate in writing and has taken on the role of music video editor instead.


Donny Pangilinan

Among those young celebs who try their best to juggle studies and work, Donny was able to finish his secondary education at Brent International School. After graduating, he enrolled to the University of the Philippines Open University. Apart from studying, he also played basketball as a part of the varsity team. They were able to compete locally, as well as internationally in South Korea, Japan, and China.

Since he has celebrity parents, he was able to score a TV stint at a very young age. His first-ever TV appearance was for a commercial featuring their family when he was only five years old.


McCoy De Leon

While his screenname only has five letters, McCoy’s real name is actually pretty long – Marc Carlos Francis de Jesus de Leon. From being an extra in commercials, he eventually earned supporting roles and scored his big break through Be Careful With My Heart.

He’s also juggling his time as one of the cast members of Walang Hanggang Paalam and as Civil Engineering student. According to him, he chose the course as he dreams of building a big house for his family and of working at a firm.


Geoff Eigenmann

He may have been to different relationships in the past, but Geoff met his fiancée, singer Maya Flores, because they were under the same management. They now have three kids – Arabella, Angus, and Pepper.

The FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano actor may come from a family of versatile artists, but he considers himself the “black sheep” of the family when it comes to music for he is the only one who cannot carry a tune. Yet, he’s still a music lover.

Since he has parents who were in the industry, his first TV appearance was when he was only a baby. However, the project that kicked off his acting career was the iconic youth-oriented program Ang TV when he was 12 years old.


Rafael Rosell

Aside from Filipino and English, Rafael disclosed that he can also speak Norwegian as he was born and raised there by his Filipino parents.

Through the years, he’s able to maintain his hunk bod by only eating plant-based food. However, he doesn’t consider this as a diet for he believes that it is more of a lifestyle. Aside from that, he also used to do capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian form of martial art, but has now shifted to surfing as it helps him meditate.


Joko Diaz

Before he became one of the most sought-after kontrabidas on TV at present, Joko began acting as early as four years old through the 1973 movie “Laya”.

He portrayed a plethora of lead roles during his younger years, but the Walang Hanggang Paalam actor believes that at his age today, lead roles are best given to the younger generation of actors. And one of them could perhaps be his daughter Ashley, who seems to be interested in following his footsteps and joining showbiz as well.


Aljur Abrenica

Instead of simply looking good, Aljur actually stays fit for health reasons. And he’s thankful to be surrounded by people who continues to motivate him to be healthy, such as his wife Kylie Padilla, who he first met at a martial arts workshop when he was 20 years old and she was just 18. They now have two adorable sons named Alas and Axl.

All his efforts in taking good care of himself had paid off as he was bestowed the “Sexiest Man in the Philippines” back in 2009, which he only found out five years later.


Empoy Marquez

Not many of us know but Empoy got into showbiz after winning a contest in the now-defunct noontime show Masayang Tanghali Bayan. This was followed by his appearance in the 2003 Vhong Navarro-starrer “Mr. Suave”.

Since then, he has been apparently committed to his look as he never plans to change his hairstyle nor remove his moustache, which he considers his best asset.

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