Teleseryes shocking, intriguing “separated-at-birth” plot twists

Family dramas will always tug at our heartstrings. As Filipinos, that bond is special to us and so we’re sure to love stories surrounding that theme. Of course, it’s especially appealing when there’s a dramatic twist such as a separated-at-birth or switched-at-birth story, don’t you think?

If you’re on the hunt for family dramas with shocking plots or a unique angle, watch this Kapamilya Snaps video to add more teleseryes on your watch list!


Bagong Umaga (2020)

The most trending drama teleserye these days must be Bagong Umaga. The show caught our hearts as we witnessed the different lives of main characters Tisay (Heaven Peralejo), Ely (Tony Labrusca), Angge (Michelle Vito), Otep (Kiko Estrada), Dodong (Yves Flores), and Cai (Barbie Imperial). As they all went on about their lives, the story got a lot more interesting when all their paths finally crossed. 

Apparently, this teleserye takes the classic switched-at-birth trope to a whole other level. Not two, but five of the main characters were mixed up during birth because of a certain character’s revenge, leading them to live lives far from their fate. Intrigued to know if they found the truth and discovered their true families? The recently aired finale might just have all your questions answered.


The Blood Sisters (2018)

One face yet three completely separate lives. The Blood Sisters center on the triplets Erika, Carrie, and Agatha that all got separated at birth. With no idea that they have an identical other somewhere in the world, they are shocked when fate brought them all together to uncover the truth.

The Blood Sisters was the talk everywhere because it didn’t just have a story surrounding triplets, the triplets were also portrayed by one actress — Erich Gonzales.


Los Bastardos (2018)

Sometimes, it’s not a surprise anymore to find out that a character has an illegitimate child with another woman, but you’ll be surprised with the case in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Los Bastardos.

After the devastating loss of his pregnant wife Soledad (Cristine Reyes) and son, Don Roman (Geoff Eigenman) found happiness from other women. And from each of his lovers, he sired sons Matteo (Marco Gumabao), Lucas (Albie Casiño), Connor (JOshua Colet), and Joaquin (Diego Loyzaga).

This complicated set-up leads the brothers to struggle and search for their father. The story unfolds from there, including finding out that Don Roman’s children with Soledad, Isagani (Jake Cuenca) and Lorenzo (Joseph Marco), are both alive.


Asintado (2018)

Asintado unveils how close siblings can become strangers to each other. Sisters Ana (Julia Montes) and Sam (Shaina Magdayao) used to be caring towards each other, but they were not able to grow up together as their parents died and then they got adopted by different families.

As adults, unknowingly, they become rivals for the love of Gael (Paulo Avelino) and life in general, since they’re both involved in the same world of politics and power. Despite us thinking that there was nothing to salvage from their sisterhood, Ana and Sam rise above their issues and find a way to love each other again.


Hiwaga ng Kambat (2019)

In Hiwaga ng Kambat, the curse of twins that turn into bats come true with Mateo (Grae Fernandez) getting a bat’s  behavioral traits of being impatient and hot-blooded while Iking (Edward Barber) getting the actual physical traits of a bat, including turning into one at night.

With Iking’s weird bat features, he was abandoned by his family. Fortunately, he was raised as a kind boy by humble people. His peaceful life gets disrupted when he starts to go to the same school as Mateo. Other than they do not recognize each other, the twins don’t instantly click or become the best of friends with their invisible connection as we might believe.


Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa (2019)

A mother’s love is tested in Sino and Maysala? Mea Culpa.

Juris (Bela Padilla) and her friends had promising futures as lawyers. But everything changed when they accidentally ran over a woman and a baby. The baby survived and was adopted by Juris, believing that the mother is dead. But it turns out, the child was stolen. Fina (Jodi Sta. Maria), the real mother, is still desperately looking for her child.

Given that both Fina and Juris consider themselves as the child’s mother, the two fight for her love and custody. 


Ngayon At Kailanman (2018)

Historic rivalries of families can transcend through generations. Ngayon at Kailanman focuses on Eva’s (Julia Barretto) journey to claim her place as the rightful heiress, but several obstacles laid in her way. Aside from being separated from her mother Rebecca (Iza Calzado), she also uncovers some secrets held by the Cortes family.


The Killer Bride (2019)

The Killer Bride may be a thriller revenge teleserye at first glance, but it has a beautiful story about family within it. After all, the curse of the Killer Bride began because a mother, Camila (Maja Salvador), deeply mourned the death of her child, Vida.

Camila went on a quest for revenge with the help of a homeless child she adopted, Emma (Janella Salvador). With all the challenges they went through together, it was a touching surprise to find out that Emma is actually her lost child, Vida.


Sana Dalawa Ang Puso (2018)

Honestly, we never thought that Sana Dalawa Ang Puso would be considered a family drama because throughout the serye, the carbon copy faces of Mona and Lisa (both portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria) was passed off as a big coincidence.

Their opposite personalities and lives took us on a fun and quirky adventure, yet as we neared the end, we discovered that their looks were definitely not coincidental. They truly are twins who were separated at birth.


Pamilya Ko (2019)

Pamilya Ko explores different stories and issues surrounding the Mabunga family of Fernan (Joey Marquez) and Luz (Sylvia Sanchez). One of the most astonishing secrets we found out was that their eldest son, Chico (JM de Guzman) is actually Fernan’s son with Elena (Rosanna Roces).

Elena, however, had no idea that his son was even alive. The story continued to show us if a reunion between Elena and Chico could finally happen and how the whole Mabunga family dealt with the situation.