“Teen Clash” stars quizzed about all things OPM

The young stars of the much-anticipated barkada series Teen Clash bonded over a game that put their OPM knowledge to the test.

Since the story will revolve around campus life and music, it just makes sense that the cast members have strong penchant for music. In an episode of Teen Clash EXTRAS, Jayda Avanzado, Aljon Mendoza, Bianca de Vera, Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, Ralph Malibunas, Gail Banawis, Zach Castañeda, and Fana took on a fun trivia quiz about OPM. 

The questions include missing lyrics of popular Pinoy anthems like “Mundo” by IV of Spades and “Hindi Tayo Pwede” by The Juans. Remember the 6 Cycle Mind hit “Sige” that says “Konting alak lang kahit walang _____“? The funniest answer came from Zach who said “jowa.” LOL!

The fill-in-the-blank question about “Leron Leron Sinta” seemed like a giveaway, except to Gail, who wrote down “I’m American” on her board. Jayda proudly answered that she is a fan of Yeng Constantino when they were asked the first winner of Pinoy Dream Academy. We felt the nostalgia in Aljon’s soul when he correctly answered “Hale” as the band behind the iconic songs “Blue Sky” and “Toll Gate.” He won the game.

The mention of Eraserheads, Rivermaya, Orange and Lemons, and Ben&Ben made us want to create a new Spotify mix that’s all about OPM love.

Watch the Teen Clash barkada’s quiz and kulitan in the video!

Teen Clash is set to premiere on iWantTFC this 2023!