“Teen Clash” girls take on the Flip the Bottle Challenge, munch on kamias as consequence

Trust the “Teen Clash” female squad – Jayda Avanzado, Bianca de Vera, Gail Banawis, and Fana – to rock out in any kind of challenge such as flipping a bottle and eating ‘kamias’ with poise.

In this game, the girls are each given three attempts to land a water bottle upright by flipping it in the air. Gail, Bianca, and Jayda failed on their first tries. They were given their last chance to make it but still to no avail. Meanwhile, Fana must be so good at physics that she did it just on the first attempt.

As consequence, the losing players must eat a piece of ‘kamias’ while facing the camera. Though there were no rules on how they should react, the girls opted to still maintain their poise, with Jayda flipping her hair on the last bite. How could they still look gorgeous even while sour-faced?

Gail tasted the ‘kamias’ for the first time and it seems she’s never eating one again. “I don’t like it,” she said, with the ‘kamias’ still in her mouth, but she still finished the dare. Meanwhile, Fana also joined her friends in their struggle – one for all, all for one, right?

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