If Teen Clash stars could switch jobs

Teen Clash barkada responded to the question, “If you had to switch professions with someone, who would it be and why?” While they show no signs of changing career paths anytime soon, their answers revealed their secrets dreams and other interests. Check out this exclusive video from ABS-CBN Entertainment!

Did you know that Jayda was a literary writer before she became a songwriter? Still on her bucket list is to publish her novel, and if she could be Harry Potter author JK Rowling for a day, then it’d be so cool.

Ralph Malibunas would like to copy Steve Jobs because gadgets are necessities nowadays, therefore a good line of business.

Markus Paterson used to want to become a pilot like his father, so he’d willingly trade places with him to still live this childhood dream.  With no specific person in mind, Zach Castañeda would switch jobs with a celebrity trainer. He hopes to be a legit one someday.

The girls would love to be in the shoe of their idols. Andi Abaya as Ariana Grande sounds exciting, “If I had her voice, I would sing 24/7. She’s really a good artist kasi she’s very creative. She’s very smart even with her music videos.” Meanwhile, Gail Banawis would step into the life of Beyonce, whom she described as iconic, always on top of her game, and influential, “I think she’s able to help so many people just by being herself.”

The aspiring football player Kobie Brown thought of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considered one of the best and highest-paid athletes in the world.

Meanwhile, Aljon Mendoza said he would like to live the life of a lawyer to learn more about the Philippine Constitution and be more aware of current events, “Kasi feeling ko, bilang Pilipino kailangan alam natin lahat ng nangyayari sa bansa natin. Hindi ‘yung wala lang tayong pakialam.”

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