“Tara, G!” squad shares future plans in “G or GG” Challenge

Youngsters are known for their thirst for trying out new things. Let’s find out the kind of adventures Team Wise looks forward to as they play the “G or GG” Challenge.

In this game on Kapamilya Chat, Tara, G!  cast members Kaori Oinuma, Zach Castaneda, and CJ Salonga will be given different scenarios or activities, to which they’d answer “G” if they’re game for it; otherwise, “GG.”

On the first question, if they wish to take an overseas vacation for one day only, Kaori and Zach replied “GG” because one day won't be enough to explore the place. Meanwhile, CJ said “G.”

Kaori is game to move into a new house with her family since she’s currently living solo in a condo unit. Same goes for CJ, who is actually transferring to a new house soon. Zach said he’s still okay living in their family house, although he also plans to get a place near ABS-CBN.

The squad is eager to eat in an unlimited restaurant and go to the beach. Kaori and Zach are game to try skydiving, but not CJ who has fear of heights. Kaori mentioned they filmed her upcoming vlog at a theme park and CJ almost quit, “Nakakaisang ride pa lang kami, si CJ umiiyak na.”

Calling herself fearless, Kaori will say ‘yes’ to getting stuck on an island all by herself. Zach thinks he’d survive as long as there’s food. Meanwhile, CJ admitted he doesn’t like being alone, thus a solo island adventure sounds like a bad idea to him.

They had the same answers to going to a concert alone. Kaori explained, “Kaya ko! At least wala akong iniisip na ibang tao. Party-party lang ako mag-isa do’n.” Zach thought so, too. Of course, CJ went for “GG.”

Next, if they’re game to get a tattoo. Kaori was quick to reply “GG.” CJ said it depends on the design. Zach really wishes to have one but he’s not yet allowed.

They’re all game to take a new course. CJ revealed he wants to study culinary while Zach plans to become a certified celebrity fitness trainer. Kaori will still think about the specific course but she’s eager to go back to school.

Lastly, asked if they want to experience paranormal activity, Zach initially answered “G” since he already had one during their shoot for Tara, G!.” Then, he remembers we should be careful what we wish for, so “GG na lang.”

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