MayWard KSnaps

Get ready to feel kilig because we’re taking a trip down memory lane!

Since Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, it’s hard to find a love team that will compare to that of Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber. Their wonderful story from strangers to close friends in Kuya’s house is a journey that many fans crave to see on screens time and again. While many more sweet PBB pairings spurred after, MayWard continues to be a favorite of most.

Watch a compilation of their sweetest moments in this Kapamilya Snaps video.

Both Maymay and Edward entered Bahay ni Kuya in 2016 as young and wide-eyed teens, yet the difference between them was their backgrounds in life. Maymay lived a simple provincial life with dreams of becoming an actress. In fact, she auditioned for PBB several times before she was accepted. Edward, on the other hand, was focused on his studies in Germany, but immediately grabbed the opportunity when it was suggested that he audition for the reality show.

Regardless of their differences, they were able to develop a deep connection with each other instantly. Their contrasting stories captivated both of them and made them very close friends inside Kuya’s house. Maymay would even teach Edward how to speak in Tagalog as Edward constantly pays Maymay back in kindness by helping her with the house chores.

After PBB, it was clear to many that their relationship is one to last, so thousands of fans continued to ship their love team. Whether they were in a teleserye, movie, or ASAP performance, everyone could not deny the romantic sparks that always flew between them.

From time to time, they also pursue their own projects, but they stay close with each other. During their first Star Magic Ball, they appeared together and stole the attention of the crowd. They also hang out in get-togethers or events with fellow stars and artists.

When they're taking a break from work, they enjoy each other’s company travelling to different destinations too. If you can recall, they’ve explored nearby countries such as Taiwan and Singapore and farther ones such as England and France.

MayWard has also gone to countries that are meaningful to the other person. They've once been to Japan, Maymay’s second home. In 2017, Edward brought Maymay to his hometown in Germany for the Christmas holidays.

Even after more than five years of knowing each other, MayWard still has that unique bond and remains to be the spirited young pair we first saw on PBB. While we look forward to more projects of them together or as individual artists, how they started will always hold a special place in our hearts.